‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Call Jake DeArruda ‘Most Annoying Contestant Ever’

Jake DeArruda on Jeopardy!
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It’s good news for comedian Hasan Minhaj, as Jeopardy! viewers appear to have found a new candidate for the “most annoying contestant ever.”

Delivery dispatcher Jake DeArruda is the contestant in question, as some fans have deemed him “unwatchable.” The Ludlow, Vermont native has been on a roll since knocking Troy Meyer off the winner’s podium last week and, as of Tuesday (January 31), has won three games in a row.

“Is it just me or does anyone else think Jake is the most annoying contestant ever?” one Twitter user commented after the latest episode, and others seemed to agree.

“I won’t be able to watch him much longer,” tweeted another viewer. “I’m normally pretty tolerant of the quirkier champs, but OMG this guy. Ugh.”

Others seemed to be irritated by DeArruda’s facial expressions, with one person writing, “While Jake is champion I will just be listening to Jeopardy – cannot watch him.”

Jake DeArruda on Jeopardy!

This isn’t the first time Jeopardy! fans on Twitter have made rash decisions over disliking a contestant. Former Daily Show correspondent Minhaj found out firsthand when he appeared on Celebrity Jeopardy last year, as he too was deemed the “most annoying contestant ever.” Minhaj even brought up the backlash during an appearance on The Tonight Show.

Jake DeArruda on Jeopardy!

Recent super-champ Ray LaLonde also received hate during his time on the show, with fans criticizing how he swayed behind the podium. It was later revealed that LaLonde’s movements were because of a medical condition.

However, not everyone feels the same about DeArruda, as some fans seem to be enjoying the new champion. “I kinda like him,” tweeted one viewer, while another added, “Jakes Going To Be On The Tournament Of Champions!! Hes Awesome!!”

As we’ve seen in the past, even the most divisive contestants begin to win fans over the longer they last on the show, and right now, DeArruda shows no signs of slowing down.

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