See Hasan Minhaj’s Hysterical Apology to ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans (VIDEO)

Hasan Minhaj and Jimmy Fallon
Tonight Show/YouTube

Hasan Minhaj is really, truly sorry to any Jeopardy! fans he might have annoyed or upset during his headline-grabbing appearance on Celebrity Jeopardy! this past Sunday, October 30.

The comedian dropped by The Tonight Show on Thursday, November 3, and had a hysterical exchange with host Jimmy Fallon about the reaction he has got from Jeopardy! fans in recent days.

“This past week, I was on Celebrity Jeopardy, and now fans of Jeopardy hate my guts,” he explained as Fallon tried to hold in his laughter. “I have this unique power to piss off dedicated nerds,” he continued before saying that he was just playing the game with “vigor” and “passion.”

Fallon then threw to some clips from Sunday’s edition of the long-running game show, which showed Minhaj enthusiastically answering questions and wildly celebrating every time he got an answer correct. Following the episode, some Jeopardy! fans took to social media to call the former Daily Show correspondent the “most annoying” contestant ever.

To make matters worse, Fallon read out some of those tweets, one of which said, “Just turned off Celebrity Jeopardy. I have never seen a more grating human being in my life.”

Then the late-night host revealed a screenshot from our very own TV Insider article on the subject. “This one’s the best, [from] TV Insider, which I follow; I love TV Insider, I trust their opinion,” said Fallon before revealing the headline, which read, “Celebrity Jeopardy! Fans Call Hasan Minhaj ‘Most Annoying’ Contestant Ever.”

“That one hurt because the show’s been on for over 58 years, and they’ve had 15,000 contestants on the show, and Dr. Oz was a contestant,” Minhaj said before quipping, “Maybe my dad was wrong; he said I’d never break records on that show.”

The Peabody Award-winning comedian then addressed the Jeopardy! fans directly, stating, “I want to take this moment to apologize. Jeopardy fans look at me; I’m sorry I desecrated an American institution. I’m sorry I ripped your 7 PM linear TV pacifier out of your geriatric mouth. And, most importantly, I’m sorry for trying to make Jeopardy fun.”

He went on to explain his behavior, saying, “You don’t know what that game does to you in the arena,” and also claiming his buzzer was “janky,” hence why he was holding it up above the podium, “So everyone can see this on camera.” Fallon then threw to footage of Minhaj desperately pressing his buzzer on the show with seemingly no luck.

So what is Minhaj’s next plan? “I need to go to a place where I’m celebrated… a place where the unhinged are accepted, where the eccentric are allowed, where cocaine consumption is encouraged. That is why, next summer, I, Hasan Minhaj, will be taking my talents to… The Price is Right.

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