‘Blue Bloods’: Tom Cavanagh Returns as Danny’s Childhood Friend (PHOTO)

Tom Cavanagh and Donnie Wahlberg in 'Blue Bloods'
John Paul Filo/CBS

Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) is getting a blast from the past in the February 3 episode of Blue Bloods.

Tom Cavanagh is returning as Micky Patrick, Danny’s childhood friend and a former criminal, in “The Big Leagues.” He turns to Danny for help finding his missing fiancée. CBS has released a photo (above) offering a look at the guest spot.

Cavanagh first appeared in Season 4’s “Ties That Bind,” during which Danny learned about Mickey’s ties to a major crime family in Florida. Though Danny didn’t want to believe it at first, he baited him into admitting as such on a recording by pretending he needed a fast way to make money (in exchange for the promise that his friend would be offered witness protection).

With that recording of Mickey offering him money for sensitive NYPD information, Danny brought him in — after the two exchanged punches. Mickey tried to insist he didn’t kill anyone and had nothing to do with anyone getting hurt; he was just a businessman and good at making deals. That didn’t fly. He was looking at 10-15 years if he didn’t work with Danny and testify against the crime family. Mickey refused, knowing that if he did, his family would end up in body bags.

However, the Vasquez family caught wind that he was in NYPD custody and assumed he talked. With a hit out on his friend, Danny was able to track him down in time to save him (thanks to a text using their secret language from when they were kids). After, Danny told Mickey he had to make a change and set things right, then he’d consider calling him a friend again. And yes, that meant testifying and then starting a new life with his family. So what happened since then? We’re about to find out.

Also in “The Big Leagues,” Anthony (Steven Schirripa) surprises Erin (Bridget Moynahan) with one last stakeout before her run for district attorney, Jamie (Will Estes) helps a former officer caught committing a crime with the purpose of helping others, and Frank (Tom Selleck) comes face to face with a woman who confesses to killing her husband.

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