‘Ginny & Georgia’ Showrunner Answers Burning Season 2 Questions

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Ginny & Georgia Season 2, Episodes 1-10.]

Ginny & Georgia‘s second season is filled with big moments for the titular duo as they go through a shared journey as well as separate challenges.

Like Season 1, this latest chapter of Netflix‘s drama ends things on a cliffhanger, leaving fans with plenty of burning questions. Fret not though because we caught up with showrunner Debra J. Fisher who dished on Season 2’s biggest twists and turns and offered input on where the show could go next should Ginny & Georgia be back for Season 3.

Below, she’s breaking down some of the questions viewers may have been left with after Season 2’s shocking ending in which Georgia (Brianne Howey) was arrested for the murder of Cynthia’s (Sabrina Grdevich) husband at her wedding to Mayor Paul Randolph (Scott Porter), as well as Ginny’s (Antonia Gentry) outlook after a tumultuous journey personally and romantically. See what Fisher had to share below, but beware of major spoilers ahead.

Antonia Gentry and Felix Mallard in 'Ginny & Georgia' Season 2

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Where Do Ginny & Marcus Stand?

Ginny and Marcus (Felix Mallard) both went through intense struggles battling mental illness as she worked with a therapist to try and stop burning and he fell into a deep depression. The on-again-off-again duo can’t seem to keep their distance for very long though as they constantly come back to one another, but is their hope for a future for their relationship? Fisher acknowledges, “these are characters that are first loves. They lost their virginity to each other,” she adds pointedly. When it comes to a potential third season, Fisher says, “anything is possible, but where we ended them, there are issues with mental health that he needs to address. So, I think we’ve shown that they will always be in each other’s lives in some way. Even if it’s not romantic.”

As viewers will recall, Ginny learned more about the depth of Marcus’s depression from his sister Max (Sara Waisglass), leading her to vow she’d be there for him as a friend. “But I would say anything is possible as endgame,” Fisher hints, “even if they’re not together right now.”

What’s Going to Happen With Georgia?

A lot went down this season, particularly when it came to Georgia and her many secrets coming to light. Out of all the things she could be arrested for, viewers may not have expected the death of Cynthia’s terminally ill husband. While Austin (Diesel La Torraca) did witness his mother smothering the man while playing hide-and-seek at Cynthia’s house with his bully-turned-friend Zach (Connor Laidman), he never spoke a peep of the event, even saying so unconsciously out loud as Georgia was dragged away in handcuffs after her wedding to Paul.

Scott Porter and Brianne Howey in 'Ginny & Georgia' Season 2

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“Cinematically, we love ending seasons on cliffhangers,” Fisher gushes. “As Georgia’s being arrested, being driven out in a cop car and having Austin chase her, it’s just such a beautiful callback to [Season 1’s cliffhanger]… she is such an incredibly nuanced and layered character. We learned so much more about her past with the flashbacks, and her darkest secrets are all brought to the surface.”

While Georgia did forgo telling Paul about killing her ex-husbands Kenny (Darryl Scheelar) and Anthony (Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll) — she purposely poisoned Kenny and accidentally overdosed Anthony — she did finally fess up to some of her biggest secrets and he still accepted her. The only question is, will he accept her now that she’s been arrested for a murder no one knew she would be accused of?

“They genuinely do love each other,” Fisher notes. “In Georgia’s mind, she’s gotten off with PI Cordova [Alex Mallari Jr.], and [she] ends up getting arrested for something that no one saw coming. And I love that. I think that just speaks to the nature of our show. It’s so nuanced and complicated and one minute you’re laughing and the next minute you’re being arrested for murder.”

How Does Gil Fit In?

Austin’s dad Gil (Aaron Ashmore) dropped back into the Miller family’s lives this season, and bit by bit, viewers discovered his abusive behavior towards Georgia in their past relationship. His presence offered an interesting dynamic shift, not only between Georgia and him, but between Gil and the loves of Georgia’s life, Zion (Nathan Mitchell) and Paul.

While in Season 1, Georgia was “always running,” Fisher says, “now that she’s firmly planting roots in Wellsbury, we get to see her planning a wedding and what that brings up for her. When Gil shows up, we can tell there’s something going on between them in the past and then through the flashback we really get to reveal this dark past between the two of them.”

“Everyone’s fighting a battle you can’t see and I think that really does speak to Georgia and her past and who she is,” adds Fisher. “It really shows Georgia a little bit off her game because of what’s going on with Ginny knowing she’s a murderer and now Gil showing up.” Ultimately, Fisher says it’s “at the point when Georgia, Ginny, and Austin are all back together that [she’s] able to pull together and marry Paul.”

But just because Cynthia blocked Gil from being able to access housing in Wellsbury doesn’t mean he’s out of the picture. Should the show return for a third season, only time will tell if Gil will play a role moving forward, but he certainly shook things up with his presence.

Nathan Mitchell and Brianne Howey in 'Ginny & Georgia' Season 2

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Is Zion the Only One Who Knows the Full Story?

Perhaps Ginny’s father doesn’t know about Georgia’s murders, but Zion clearly knows, loves, and accepts her for who she is. That much was made clear in flashback scenes from Season 2 as he witnessed Georgia shoot her abusive stepfather. “He knows things about her that most men don’t,” Fisher explains. “He does not know that she’s a murderer, but they share a deep past.”

“In Season 1, Zion wanted the family to be together, he was very committed to it, and then he saw Georgia with Paul and knew that that’s the life that she came to Wellsbury before, that’s what she wanted,” Fisher explains, and ultimately, Zion stepped back to let Georgia continue down that desired path. “They share something very special. They always will. But we did wanna show her moving on romantically. But we wanted to also show Zion meet a woman [he could have] a very strong relationship with.”

Is Marcus’s Knowledge a Bad Thing?

Before Ginny made up with her mother, she expressed her concerns over Georgia’s behavior to Marcus, essentially telling him that she killed her late husband Kenny. In a scene between Georgia and Marcus towards the end of Season 2, he mentions the secret, promising he won’t tell anyone, but it’s clear Georgia doesn’t feel comforted by the sentiment. But if fans know anything about Marcus by this point, it’s that he’s not a rat in that sense.

“At this moment, at the end of Season 2, it won’t come into play,” Fisher says, but adds, “anything can happen in Season 3. We set up a lot of little tidbits in of how things will come into play,” Fisher continues to share, hinting at what could be next should Netflix renew the show. “We don’t have a green light for a Season 3 yet,” she clarifies.

Sabrina Grdevich in 'Ginny & Georgia' Season 2

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Where Does Cynthia Stand?

A fellow Wellsbury mother, Cynthia didn’t get along with Georgia most of Season 1 and Season 2, but the pair had a shift in their dynamic once it was clear their sons had become friends. Despite believing Georgia’s a criminal, and actively working against her in the community, Cynthia opened up to her in ways she didn’t with other characters, offering added depth to her role this time around. The pair even seem to graduate from enemies to frenemies at least, but will that small bit of good will be tarnished if Cynthia realizes Georgia mercy-killed her husband?

“I don’t know if it’s like they’re full-on friends or frenemies, but they’re certainly spending time together and coming to a very different place,” Fisher says of Season 2. “I think outwardly they would say they’re getting friendly. I don’t know if Cynthia would say that, but those were some of my favorite scenes this season. Just having them, you know, share a drink together because Georgia was trying to manipulate her in the beginning of the season and Cynthia called her out. I love the honesty between them.”

As for full honesty, fans will need a third season to see how it would turn out following Georgia’s arrest. “I will just say Cynthia does not know yet that Georgia has been arrested for the murder of her husband. So Season 3 is going to be a very wild ride if we can get it.” We’ll raise our glasses to that.

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