Seth Meyers and Lizzo Take Shots & Share Secrets in New ‘Day Drinking’ (VIDEO)

Lizzo and Seth Meyers on Day Drinking

The drinks were flowing and the laughter was uncontrollable in the latest installment of “Day Drinking,” the popular Late Night segment that sees host Seth Meyers getting drunk with the rich and famous.

In the latest segment, which aired on Tuesday’s (December 13) edition of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host was joined by Grammy-winning singer Lizzo. The pair began with a guessing game, which saw Lizzo recalling where some of her most memorable fashion moments took place; for every one she got right, Meyers had to take a shot.

After a healthy number of shots, the duo started mixing wines together before jumping into several more drinking games. Perhaps the most salacious game was one where you had to either answer a revealing question or take a shot. When asked, “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done on a plane?” Lizzo opted for a shot, noting, “I have to respect his privacy… you know what I’m saying.”

As the pair became more inebriated, the laughter came louder and longer, especially during a game of “Nog Nog” jokes, which saw Lizzo falling off her chair in hysterics. Things only got crazier from there during a game where they had to pretend to break up with each other. And by the time it came to unmasking a crew member who Lizzo thought resembled Paul Rudd, the two of them were both on the floor cry-laughing.

On Monday, Lizzo took to Twitter to tease the segment, sharing a “first drink vs. last drink” behind-the-scenes clip. “We are an actual menace to society and should (always) never drink together @sethmeyers,” she captioned the post.

Previous editions of “Day Drinking” have featured the likes of Rihanna, Lorde, Post Malone, Kelly Clarkson and Meyers’ mom, and can be found here.

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