‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Edwin Hodge Explains Why Ray Steps in to Help Off the Clock

Edwin Hodge in 'FBI: Most Wanted'
Mark Schafer/CBS

The Fugitive Task Force’s newest member, Special Agent Ray Cannon (Edwin Hodge), is looking to protect on and off the job in the FBI: Most Wanted fall finale on December 13.

In the episode “Appeal,” he feels compelled to help a woman (Caroline Harris’s Cora) and her young son combat an injustice. “Ray sees Cora arguing with her landlord while walking to work with Hana [Keisha Castle-Hughes] and heads over to calm the situation down,” Hodge tells TV Insider.

“It’s revealed she’s being evicted and immediately Ray sympathizes with her because he also experienced gentrification after Hurricane Katrina hit,” he explains.

Fortunately for Cora, the right person sees that disagreement on the street, because if there’s anyone you want to help out, it’s an FBI agent, especially one who has a certain skilled computer expert as not only a teammate but roommate as well. “With a little help from Hana, he gets information that’s helpful to Cora,” Hodge previews.

Ray joined the Fugitive Task Force in the second episode of the season, following years as a cop-turned-detective before following the footsteps of his father, a retired FBI agent and transferring from Violent Crimes.

“Ray fits in pretty well in my opinion,” Hodge says of his character and the team. “The writers have done a great job of developing his story and his integration into the team, He’s been a fun character to explore this season.”

Elsewhere in the FBI: Most Wanted fall finale, the Fugitive Task Force investigates when three prosecutors are assassinated outside a bar in their small Arkansas town. It’s up to the agents to determine if this was connected to a case from the local DA’s office or if it’s a personal vendetta. The series will return right after the holidays, with the winter premiere airing on January 3.

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