‘Chicago Fire’ Bosses Tease a ‘Helpless Severide’ With Kidd in Danger in Fall Finale

Taylor Kinney in 'Chicago Fire'
Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC

Trouble is coming to 51 in the Chicago Fire fall finale on December 7.

First, as the promo (which you can watch below) shows, the firefighters join S.W.A.T. on a call, where there’s a grenade still in someone’s leg and it has yet to detonate. If they move him, it could set off the grenade. Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) arrives on scene in time to watch as his wife, Lieutenant Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), and the newest member of Truck 81, Carver (Jake Lockett) go inside.

“As I look back over the finales and winter finales that we’ve done, we’ve had a lot of times where Severide has been trapped either on the rooftop and he and Casey [Jesse Spencer] are gonna have to jump off as a gas leak’s about to explode, or we had Severide and Squad all trapped in a boat as it was sinking and Kidd was on the shore,” co-showrunner Derek Haas tells TV Insider.

“What we haven’t done is a helpless Severide on the sidelines watching as not only his fellow Firehouse 51 members go into harm’s way, but also his wife, and that is as helpless a feeling as you can have,” he continues. “So we’re gonna see Severide just shaking with emotion as he’s trying to deal with somebody else in danger.”

There’s another reason for 51 to be concerned in the fall finale: a returning character. “This is an actress that we loved and a character that has caused a lot of trouble for us in the past,” co-showrunner Andrea Newman teases. “And she’s back to do it again. And a member of 51 will be at risk because of this character’s return. So, it’s a lot of fun.”

Also in “Nemesis,” Severide struggles with the cost of helping Detective Pryma (Troy Winbush) with the Martucci case and Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende) campaigns for Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) to represent 51 at the National Firefighter’s Association’s Winter Conference.

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