Nancy Grace Reveals What She Thinks of Casey Anthony Docuseries (VIDEO)

Nancy Grace and Casey Anthony

Former prosecutor and TV news host Nancy Grace, who extensively covered Casey Anthony’s trial in 2011, has responded to the latest claims made in Peacock‘s new three-part docuseries Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies.

The documentary is told from Anthony’s perspective as she talks through the infamous 2008 investigation, which saw her accused of killing her two-year-old daughter Caylee, whose remains were found near the family home in December 2008. Anthony, who originally claimed Caylee drowned in the pool, denied the murder charges and was found not guilty of first-degree murder in 2011.

In the series, Anthony explains why she took 31 days to 911, claiming that she was following the directive of her father, George, who she alleges sexually abused her from ages 8 to 11. Her father has denied the abuse claims and has never been charged. Anthony also claims that George staged her daughter’s drowning to cover up his possible abuse of Caylee.

On Monday, November 28, Extra’s Billy Bush asked Grace if these new claims change anything. “It changes nothing,” she said. “She would have us believe that for the next 30-plus days that her father was calling her and giving her instructions as to how to behave. That doesn’t make sense.”

“I’m not talking about sex assault. I’m talking about murdering a little child,” she continued after Bush brought up Anthony’s sexual abuse claims against her dad.

The outspoken legal commentator also took aim at Anthony’s legal team, noting, “I think everyone in this case has made their fortune off the body of Caylee Anthony. They’re in it, thick as thieves.”

As for whether Grace would ever sit down for an interview with Anthony, she said she is open to the idea, even if it’s unlikely to happen. “I don’t think tot mom Casey Anthony would sit still for me to cross-examine her,” Grace stated. “I don’t think that’ll ever happen.”

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