‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Season 4 Promo: Storms Hit as Owen Needs Dragons to Slay (VIDEO)

Captain Owen Strand (Rob Lowe), Captain Tommy Vega (Gina Torres), and the rest of the 128 are going to have their hands full when 9-1-1: Lone Star returns for its fourth season (premiering on a new night, Tuesday, January 17, at 8/7c).

As the first promo reveals, a “Derecho” (a fast-moving series of severe thunderstorms) hits Austin, causing hurricanic and tornadic-force winds, heavy rains, flash floods, and a wide path of destruction — but it also starts raining frogs?! Grace Ryder (Sierra McClain) will be the one to take that 9-1-1 call. But as weird as things may get …. “nothing is as weird as lava at mini golf,” Marjan Marwani (Natacha Karam) points out.

So how’s Owen doing after finding out his cancer isn’t back in the Season 3 finale? “My best life is when I have dragons to slay,” he tells Judd Ryder (Jim Parrack). “If you just wait around a minute, something awful’s bound to happen,” the firefighter assures him.

The 126 won’t just be dealing with that “Derecho” in the Season 4 premiere, “The New Hotness.” Just when they think it couldn’t get worse, an even rarer weather phenomenon, a “Heat Burst,” causing temperatures to go up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, hits the city.

9-1-1: Lone Star also stars Ronen Rubinstein, Brian Michael Smith, Rafael L. Silva, Julian Works, and Brianna Baker.

Season 4 should also feature paramedic T.K. Strand (Rubinstein) and Office Carlos Reyes’ (Silva) wedding after the former proposed last spring. “I think the wedding will come at a good time. We’ll have to see when we ‘earn’ the wedding,” Rubinstein told TV Insider. “I’d like to see the journey of Tarlos as an engaged couple instead of rushing [into] marriage, which I don’t think they will. They’ve given us a beautiful storyline with room to breathe.”

9-1-1: Lone Star, Season 4 Premiere, Tuesday, January 17, 8/7c, Fox