Cornered: ‘Ghosts’ Star Richie Moriarty Reveals What Show Makes Him Laugh (VIDEO)

Ghosts fans may know Pinecone Troop leader Pete quite well, but actor Richie Moriarty is pulling the curtain back on his own life in our latest edition of Cornered.

This summer, Moriarty stopped by the TV Insider and TV Guide Magazine studio, sponsored by Hollywood unBranded, at San Diego Comic-Con, to chat about Ghosts and share some facts about himself. Unsurprisingly, he’s just as humble and down to earth as his onscreen counterpart regarding pastimes, hobbies, and more.

'Ghosts' Star Richie Moriarty with guest star Matthew Baynton

(Credit: Bertrand Calmeau/CBS)

Kicking off the segment, the actor reveals that if he weren’t an actor, “I would be a photographer.” He goes on to add, “I was an architectural photographer for eight years, so that’s probably what I would still be doing.”

As for what he does to relax, Moriarty gets candid, revealing, “I relax by watching movies with my wife once my kids are asleep. I have two little kids, and by the time they’re asleep, all we want to do is plop on the couch and watch some garbage.” As for what he might be watching on occasion, it’s I Think You Should Leave on Netflix.

Tim Robinson‘s show is my like go-to at any point if I need a mood lift,” Moriarty muses. “It’s the funniest show ever created.” And Moriarty knows a thing or two about being funny, with Ghosts continuing to entertain audiences well into its second season.

See what else Moriarty had to share in the Cornered video above, and don’t miss Moriarty’s Pete on Ghosts as Season 2 continues on CBS.

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