World Chase Tag USA: The Full 2022 TV Schedule on ESPN2

World Chase Tag USA (WCT6) is a professional sport unlike any other, and it will be airing on ESPN2 this holiday season. The WCT is the world’s first worldwide competitive tag organization, first established in 2016. The extreme sport combines the dynamic athleticism of parkour with the age-old game of tag. In just a short amount of time, the league has quickly built a cult following around the world, securing millions of views online and notoriety as an esport.

World Chase Tag is a 1-on-1 pursuit competition that’s fought out in an arena made of steel and wood as they juke, leap, and lunge to make a point-saving tag. 20 teams from all across the country (featuring world-class parkour athletes, Hollywood stuntmen, Ninja Warrior finalists, and an Olympic Track & Field silver medalist) compete across 5 rounds of knockout matches, culminating in an extraordinary battle to take home the Second Annual World Chase Tag USA Championship trophy.

World Chase Tag ESPN 2


The championship will include 16 men’s and four women’s US-based teams and will be commentated play-by-play by Dan Dawson alongside sideline reporter Erin Ashley Simon.

World Chase Tag initially began as a backyard sport with brothers Christian and Damien Devaux in the U.K. and has evolved into an international competition over the past seven years.

Although the WCT6 U.S. Championship was held from October 7 to October 9, the competition, which took place at the Esports Stadium Arlington in Texas, will air on ESPN 2 in November and December.

Tupelo Honey, a division of Tupelo Media Group, an Emmy Award-winning production company, and its parent company, Gray Television, are partners and investors in WCT.

Check out the trailer above and the airdates below for the most intense games of tag you will ever see.

2022 World Chase Tag TV Schedule on ESPN2

Monday, November 14

Episodes 1-4, 8 pm-12 am

Monday, December 26

Episodes 5-8, 8 pm-12 am