‘The Crown’ Stars on Becoming Princess Diana & Prince Charles for Season 5 (VIDEO)

The Crown has set its Season 5 return and as we approach the next chapter of Netflix‘s royal drama, new stars Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West are offering insight into their versions of the doomed couple Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

As is tradition for the Peter Morgan-created series, every two seasons, the casting changes over as older performers carry on in roles originated onscreen by younger actors. Debicki and West take over for Season 4’s Emma Corrin and Josh O’Connor, the latter of which also appeared in Season 3.

'The Crown' Season 5

(Credit: Netflix)

In a tease for what’s to come, Netflix has unveiled two revealing featurettes about Debicki and West’s portrayals of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, hinting at what fans can expect from this latest chapter in the Emmy-winning show. Returning with 10 all-new hourlong episodes beginning Wednesday, November 9, The Crown has reached the ’90s, one of the most pivotal times for the royals in the public eye, particularly for the Prince and the Princess.

In the videos, above, and below, Debicki and West share the challenges they faced in tackling the key role and pull the curtain back on what events fans may be able to see unfold in this new season which will lead to the currently-filming sixth. “As an actor, your only moments of peace and total bliss are the 20 minutes of when someone offers you the role and you’re on the phone and you’re a million miles in the air and you think, it’s just everything you ever wanted and dreamed of. Obviously, then you just think, ‘but how do I do it?'” Debicki says candidly in the opening moments of the Diana featurette, above.

“Diana being the most photographed person in the world at that time, there’s just this incredible amount of content that we have access to,” she admits, going on to acknowledge the crew’s ability to recreate the late princess’s fashionable looks. Meanwhile, West acknowledges what it means to be a part of the successful Netflix hit, saying, “you’ve got to be part of it if you can.”

When it comes to his role, West says in Season 5, ‘Charles is sort of at the prime of his life, but at the depths of his tragedy… So he’s very low in spirits, but he’s very galvanized and dynamic in terms of what he wants to do with his life,” the actor continues. See his full featurette in the video, below. And don’t miss either portrayal as Debicki and West take on the latest versions of Princess Diana and Prince Charles in The Crown.

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