‘Interview With the Vampire’: How Well Do Jacob Anderson & Sam Reid Know the Anne Rice Universe? (VIDEO)

Anne Rice‘s Interview With the Vampire series has never been at a loss for fans. The classic novel has been around for decades, the story continuing through The Vampire Chronicles book series. AMC has brought the original story to life in Interview With the Vampire, starring Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid as vampire lovers Louis and Lestat. But how well do the actors know the literary world they’re representing on screen? You’re about to find out.

Reid and Anderson popped by the TV Insider office in Manhattan to chat about the show, which aired its fifth of seven episodes from Season 1 on Sunday, October 30 (Interview With the Vampire Episode 6 is streaming now on AMC+). The intellectual stans they are, the pair arrived with Rice encyclopedias in hand (and matching fang rings gifted to them by co-star Bailey Bass). We quizzed them on their Interview With the Vampire book knowledge as well as pop culture references to the beloved story over the years. But these two didn’t need to refer to their textbooks to score big on the quiz.

Did you know there was a Lestat musical on Broadway? Did Anderson and Reid? Find out for yourself in our Trivia Night video, above, and test your own knowledge with the same quiz we gave the stars, below!
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