‘The Rookie: Feds’ Star James Lesure Teases ‘Surprise and Delight’ on Latest Assignment

Niecy Nash and James Lesure in 'The Rookie: Feds'
ABC/Raymond Liu

Training a wild card probationary agent like Simone Clark (Niecy Nash-Betts) was not an assignment by-the-book Carter Hope (James Lesure) asked for when he joined the L.A. bureau’s new fast-response Special Investigative Unit on The Rookie: Feds.

“Carter is definitely someone who prides himself in playing by the rules; Simone seems more inclined to make up rules that justify the results she’s after,” Lesure muses. Still, we’ve already seen their opposing approaches (her charm, his facts) meld to nab an arms dealer on the FBI’s Most Wanted List — and that was just in Week 2!

James Lesure in 'The Rookie: Feds'

(Credit: ABC/Robert Ector)

In the November 1 episode, the unit’s hunt for an international assassin called “The Reaper” sends the pair undercover in a women’s prison in search of answers: her as an inmate, him as a guard.

It’ll be dangerous, yes, but Lesure promises at least one scene in the prison “may surprise and delight” viewers who appreciate the spin-off’s irreverent side.

As for how he feels about partnering with Nash-Betts, that opportunity was “a big reason” why the Good Girls actor wanted to do the show. “Niecy sets a vibe on set: We do the work and have a good time while doing so,” he says. “Her range is undeniable.”

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