‘The Resident’ Star Jane Leeves Teases Things Don’t Go as Planned for Kit & Bell’s Wedding (VIDEO)

If you think the power couple of Chastain Park Memorial Hospital can take a day off to tie the knot, think again. Urgent situations crop up this week on The Resident for CEO Kit Voss and Dr. Randolph Bell (Jane Leeves and Bruce Greenwood) with no regard for the wedding planner’s timetable.

“There’s a ‘Get me to the church on time’ aspect with everybody being pulled every which way,” says Leeves.

The Frasier alum spills more on the big wedding episode below. Plus, watch an exclusive clip above of Kit working to save Chastain on the same day as the ceremony!

The rehearsal opens the episode, but I’m guessing things don’t go as planned.

Jane Leeves: Everybody’s distracted! The bridesmaids’ dresses didn’t quite make it, so people have to go off and find those. I’m desperately trying to get a meeting with our new governor, who’s planning to slash Chastain’s budget. And there’s a huge medical crisis, which pulls several wedding guests and the groom himself off.

'The Resident's Jane Leeves

Tom Griscom/FOX

Assuming the ceremony finally gets back on track, who officiates?

Jake [Conrad Ricamora], Bell’s stepson. He also sings a beautiful acoustic version of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” at the wedding. I was just mesmerized.

Any jitters for the bride or groom?

It’s more like, “Let’s get this done and have a party.” The wedding planner is having a fit because nothing is going as planned, and Kit says, “Don’t worry, darling. We’ve had many weddings between us. It’s just one more.”

What did you think of your wedding attire?

We’re smartly dressed. I’m wearing a cream dress and Bruce remarks, “Really? Cream? We should have gone with red, dear.” [Laughs] I love Bruce. We just laugh. We’re the most childish people on the set — and we’re the oldest!

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