‘The Voice’ Season 22 Premiere Night 2: Watch the 9 Best Performances (VIDEO)

The Voice Season 22 Alyssa Witrado
Spoiler Alert

The Voice Season 22 continues with Night 2 of the fan-favorite Blind Auditions and this year’s competition is bringing a variety of talent forward.

Coaches Gwen Stefani, John Legend, Blake Shelton, and newbie Camila Cabello, were wowed by the performers during the second half of the premiere which featured singers specializing in different genres such as mariachi, country, and alternative. Before diving too deep into the audition process, the Night 1 competitor, Kate Kalvach finally made her decision, choosing Team Blake for her journey to come on The Voice.

In the meantime, we’re reflecting on the evening’s most notable performances. Beware of spoilers ahead.

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'The Voice': 6 Must-See Moments From the Season 22 Premiere (VIDEO)

The first round of Blind Auditions brought forth a bevy of talent.

Reina Ley sings Quirino Mendoza y Cortés’ “Cielto Lindo”

This 13-year-old hopeful from Arizona is a mariachi singer who loves representing her culture through music. With her family by her side, Reina wowed Gwen and Camila who turned their chairs for the girl’s showstopping performance. Ultimately, Reina chose Team Camila.

Bryce Leatherwood performs Blake Shelton’s “Goodbye Time”

This 23-year-old competitor from Georgia fostered his love for country music by spending time on his grandfather’s farm. He quickly caught the attention of veteran coaches Blake, Gwen, and John, but the deal was pretty much done due to genre tastes as Bryce picked Team Blake.

Alyssa Witrado sings No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak”

At 19, this Californian has relied heavily on music to get her through tough times, particularly when her parents were going through a divorce. Both Camila and Gwen turned their chairs for the young performer, loving her rendition of the tune that Stefani helped make famous in the ’90s. In the end, Alyssa chose Team Gwen.

Devix performs Glass Animals’ “Heat Waves”

Born in Queens, this 28-year-old singer currently resides in Pennsylvania and offered a shoutout to their mother who couldn’t attend the audition due to challenges with cerebral palsy. The obstacles didn’t get in their way though as John, Camila, and Gwen all turned their chairs. Ultimately, Devix picked Team Camila.

Chello sings Grover Washington Jr. & Bill Withers’ “Just the Two of Us”

Hailing from Pennsylvania, 22-year-old Chello’s real name is Marcello and he was joined by their best friends who they describe as brothers, Emanuel and Justin. Despite being a remote customer service rep in his day-to-day life, Chello hopes to become the musical artist he’s always dreamed about on The Voice. Thankfully, John and Camila agree as they both turned their chairs. When it came to picking his path, Chello chose Team Camila.

Kevin Hawkins performs Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely”

A seventh and eighth-grade piano teacher from Dallas, Texas, Kevin earned a four-chair turn for his unbelievable audition. But Kevin only got to select his team from three of the judges as Gwen used her Block to prevent her fellow coach John from recruiting the performer. In the end, Kevin surprised the coaches by choosing Team Blake.

Sadie Bass sings Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy”

Originally from Michigan, 25-year-old Sadie now resides in Nashville where she has been trying to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. Stage fright has been a big obstacle for Sadie who hopes The Voice can help her overcome the fear. She caught the attention of both Gwen and Blake, leaving the spouses to battle for her allegiance. When it came to deciding, Sadie selected Team Gwen.

Brayden Lape performs Niall Horan’s “This Town”

A 6-foot-4 athlete from Michigan, Brayden brought forth a mature sound despite being 15 years old. His performance was captivating enough to get Camila to encourage Blake’s seat turn. As the only turning coach, the country expert welcomed Brayden to Team Blake with open arms. And once the other coaches got a peek at Brayden they were all jealous that they didn’t turn themselves.

Peyton Aldridge sings The Marshall Tucker Band’s “Can’t You See”

This 25-year-old assistant coach from Cleveland, Mississippi is hoping to hit it big, but can’t help reflecting on the people who got him to where he is, particularly his stepfather who he acknowledges during the audition process. Following his rendition of “Can’t You See,” Peyton earned chair spins from John, Gwen, and Blake, the latter of which was prevented from participating because John used his Block on him. In the end, Peyton chose Team Legend.

Who else will be joining the mix? Stay tuned as Blind Auditions on The Voice‘s latest season continues.

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