‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 19 Preview: Meredith Welcomes New Residents (VIDEO)

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith in Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 is all about second chances, and part of that for the hospital itself is a new residency program. The first footage from the new season comes via a video introducing the new first-year surgical residents (played by Alexis Floyd, Niko Terho, Midori Francis, Adelaide Kane, and Harry Shum Jr.).

Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo, appearing in only eight episodes this season) is the one to welcome them to Grey Sloan. “Congratulations. You did it. You’re here. You will save lives with this equipment and you will end them,” she tells them, getting their attention. Later, she adds, “We’re all getting a second chance here today. We have to prove the doubters wrong.” But, as she tells Dr. Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman, now recurring) — their romantic future is up in the air after the finale cliffhanger — she sees “something in all of them.”

As part of this refresh of the residency program, they’re giving opportunities to medical residents who might otherwise not have had the chance.

The new cast members then introduce each of their characters. “Simone brings a very grounded but emotional connection to her work,” according to Floyd. Jules “can be a little bit bossy, a little impulsive, but she’s very kind-hearted,” Kane admits. But what should be most interesting is the fact that Jules shares a history with Link (Chris Carmack). ” I think I might have accidentally slept with an attending already,” she admits. (History seems to be repeating itself. She should talk to Meredith.)

Terho’s Lucas “is trying to prove himself. He’s trying to prove that he deserves to be there.” Meanwhile, Shum’s Blue is “very competitive” and “striving to be number one.” And Francis’ Mika “is a jokester and likes to make people laugh, and sometimes her sense of humor gets her in trouble.” Both Lucas and Mika share moments they probably wish they hadn’t with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone).

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The promo, which you can watch above, also offers a glimpse at the returning doctors, including ones whose futures were uncertain after the finale cliffhanger like Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who quit, and Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Teddy (Kim Raver) who resigned and were on a plane to somewhere.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 19 Premiere, Thursday, October 6, 9/8c, ABC