Naveen Andrews Joins ‘The Cleaning Lady’ for Season 2 at Fox

Naveen Andrews
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Emmy-nominated actor Naveen Andrews is heading to Fox this fall as the actor joins Season 2 of the drama The Cleaning Lady.

Andrews, who most recently appeared in Hulu’s The Dropout, will have a series regular role in The Cleaning Lady‘s sophomore run which kicks off Monday, September 19. The actor has been cast as Robert Kamdar who is described as the gregarious and charming ex-lover of Nadia (Eva De Dominici).

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 cast

(Credit: Kurt Iswarienko/FOX)

According to his character description, Robert is intent on driving a wedge between Arman (Adan Canto) and Nadia. Standing to lose everything, Arman has to fight to keep his world, and his dignity, intact. At the same time, he’s determined to rebuild his life under the worst of circumstances.

In Season 2 of The Cleaning Lady, Thony (Élodie Yung) is desperately trying to find her son, Luca (Sebastien & Valentino LeSalle), after he was kidnapped by his father, Marco (Ivan Shaw). With nowhere else to turn, she seeks the help of FBI Agent Garrett Miller (Oliver Hudson) to track Luca down before they leave the country. Meanwhile, an incident involving Chris (Sean Lew) forces Fiona (Martha Millan) to shield her son by any means necessary.

The latest chapter of the series examines the plight of undocumented immigrants and their difficulties accessing necessary healthcare and resources. After experiencing the many roadblocks to basic healthcare for her son, Thony is hoping to utilize her expertise as a doctor to help those in her underserved community.

But as she continues to do business with Arman, she begins blurring moral lines as she becomes further entwined in the dark underbelly of Las Vegas. Along with Andrews, Season 2 welcomes guest stars Chelsea Frei and Liza Weil. Stay tuned for more on The Cleaning Lady as we approach Season 2 and let us know what you think of the latest casting news, below.

The Cleaning Lady, Season 2 Premiere, Monday, September 19, 9/8c, Fox