‘A League of Their Own’ Cast on the Differences We See in Series (VIDEO)

Batter up! That’s what the Rockford Peaches baseball team will be saying on August 12 when A League of Their Own, a series based on the 1992 film of the same name, drops on Prime Video.

The show, with different characters than were seen in the movie but also inspired by the first-ever women’s pro sports league that began in 1943, was created by Broad City‘s Abbi Jacobson (who also stars as team catcher Carson Shaw) and writer Will Graham. A TV series offers them the opportunity to delve deeper into the action on and off the playing field.

In fact, its Carson’s journey that is the heart of the series, as she goes through many deep personal changes throughout. “Carson starts the show as married and from a small town in Idaho. She’s a little bit sheltered and she’s been with her husband [played by SuitsPatrick J. Adams] for a long time,” Jacobson told TV Insider. “Through that sport and the [team] she ends up getting on, her world is kind of cracked [open] a little and she realizes a lot about herself, including her sexuality.”

Carson’s teammate, Greta (The Good Place‘s D’Arcy Carden), is the catalyst for a lot of that change. But should we believe that Greta is as self-possessed as she appears to be from the moment we meet her in the show? “I wouldn’t say it’s a full facade but it’s learned behavior,” Carden says. “As the season goes on, we get to peel it back a little bit and see what that’s covering up or hiding.”

A League of Their Own, Chante Adams and Abbi Jacobson

Chante Adams, who plays Max, faces different challenges as a Black athlete. What keeps her going? “I think it’s her love and her passion for the sport and also the support she has around her,” says Adams. “She’s meant to play baseball and at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter that the Peaches didn’t want her. She’s going to go and look for the next team.”

Watch the video interviews above for more on the series, including what new role original film star Rosie O’Donnell portrays in the show and what it’s like playing the game in skirts!

A League of Their Own, Series Premiere, Friday, August 12, Prime Video