Keke Palmer Says Jimmy Fallon ‘Is Our Betty White’ in ‘Password’ Revival

Jimmy Fallon, Keke Palmer for Password
Sami Drasin/NBC

Having played the verbal guessing game for years on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon now brings Password to primetime. He’ll appear as a celebrity partner to contestants in every episode.

“Jimmy is our Betty White, although she is irreplaceable,” says host Keke Palmer (above, with Fallon). In fact, the revival’s premiere begins with a tribute to the late actress, who was married to original emcee Allen Ludden and a fan-favorite regular, before Fallon faces off with Mad Men’s Jon Hamm.

This week’s special Wednesday at 9/8c episode features Fallon vs. Heidi Klum. Future stars include Martin Short and Chelsea Handler.

Contestants can take home up to $25,000. “We want them to win the money, so they have a possible second chance with a bonus round if they choke the first time,” says Palmer, who watched the 1960s classic for research. “I try to bring that energy, something familiar and warm,” she says. “I love to support the players and also get silly with them, reminding them that it’s OK win or lose — but win!”

Password, Series Premiere, Tuesday, August 9, 10/9, NBC