TV Insider’s Throwback Is Your New Go-To Source for TV Nostalgia


Everything old is new again, from the fashion (Birkenstocks and bike shorts, oh my!) to the music (grunge and dance-pop top the charts). Television is no different, with comedies like Seinfeld and The Office finding new fans via streaming, series like Friends and Martin hosting reunion specials, and an onslaught of reboots being ordered for shows like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Quantum Leap. And at TV Insider, we’re getting in on the fun with the launch of a new section of our site, Throwback.

In this nostalgia-filled new vertical, we reminisce about iconic series from the recent past (15 years and older, to be exact), and dig into why we’re still talking about them today. Plus, we’ll keep you up-to-date on all of the reboots, spinoffs, and sequels around those throwback series.

To help kick it all off, TV Insider is teaming up with TV Guide Magazine to launch their list of the 90 Best Shows of the ’90s, rolling out next month. We’ll be exploring why this decade still has such a hold on pop culture, from the characters and relationships we fell in love with (Mulder and Scully fans, listen up) to the unforgettable lines we still find ourselves quoting (“No soup for you!”). And thanks to all the streaming services, you can rewatch most of them whenever you want.

But before the list launches, we want to hear from you! Be sure to check out our ’90s TV Show Bracket where you can vote on some of your favorite series of the decade. Just remember: There are multiple rounds, so keep checking back!

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