Vote: What Was the Best Show of the ’90s?

Welcome to Throwback! Next month, we will be rolling out the carpet for TV Guide Magazine’s list of the Best Shows of the ’90s. But before we do, we want to get your vote.

How does this work?
Think of it as March Madness for TV. 64 shows from the era face off, bracket-style. Vote for your favorites, over several rounds, spaced out over a month.

Where are we now?
It’s over! The final winner will be announced soon.

What exactly is a ’90s show?
Complicated question. For the purposes of this bracket, a ’90s show is one that aired more than one seasons of the decade. Sorry, fans of West Wing and The Sopranos — those are ’00s shows, in our book.

Anything else?
Don’t forget to hit SUBMIT after you’ve selected your 32 shows. And include your email address, so we can drop you a reminder when the next round starts.