Stephen Colbert Unveils Hype Video for Jan. 6 Hearings (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert wants Americans to pay attention to the impending congressional hearings over the January 6 insurrection, and so, on  The Late Show on Wednesday, June 8, he unveiled an action-packed trailer to entice people to watch.

The teaser came during the show’s opening monologue, where Colbert said the hearings are an opportunity for the American people “to learn the true depth and breadth of the former president’s months-long, violent conspiracy to overthrow a free election and remain in power.” However, the late-night host noted that he was concerned that people just don’t seem to care.

He then threw to clips of various political commentators on various news programs talking about how the hearings need to grip the American public. “It doesn’t have to look like Top Gun; you wanna find that sweet spot in the middle,” said one commentator. “Yeah, it doesn’t have to look like Top Gun,” retorted Colbert, “but just in case, they’re gonna have Adam Schiff and Jamie Raskin play hot, shirtless volleyball.”

Colbert agreed that the hearings needed spicing up to draw public interest. “Here’s the thing. Hearings only matter if people are hearing them,” he said. “Which is why we here at The Late Show have put together a promo guaranteed to put asses in the TV seats.”

He then introduced a trailer in the style of an old-school pro-wrestling commercial, complete with comedian James Adomian providing a voice-over in his Jesse Ventura impersonation. The ad described the hearings as “A constitution-crushing lineup of insurrectionist mayhem featuring explosive revelations about The Wine Gremlin (Rudy Giuliani); the Oxy Ogre (Steve Bannon); and… whoever the hell this is (John Eastman)… bringing the pain to former president Schuckasaurus (Donald Trump).”

Things only grew more desperate as the ad continued, with the voice-over promising “boobs” and “2-dollar gas” to get people to tune in. “Only you can save democracy like the founders intended: By watching tv!” the ad concluded.

Watch the full monologue and ad below.

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