Samantha Bee Takes on the Election’s Sore Winners and Losers (VIDEO)

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee was back Monday night for the first time since her November 10 post-election show—that Lizzo performance kept our spirits up for a solid week, thanks girl—to take stock of all the shenanigans going down surrounding Donald Trump’s transition. Her elegant summation of PEOTUS’s haphazard trampling of civic norms and flagrant disregard for conflicts of interest? “You thought there were rules? Psych!”

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But Bee’s primary targets on Monday were November’s sore losers, sore winners, and the amoral scumbags promoting and enabling their big league lies. And Inauguration Day is still a month and a half away… Take a look at her opening monolgue (clip NSFW) below:

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