‘Married at First Sight’: 5 Key Moments From ‘Boston, Reunion, Part 2’ (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 14, Episode 19, “Boston, Reunion, Part 2.”]

Married at First Sight‘s reunion is coming to a close in the show’s latest installment and there’s no shortage of drama among the Season 14 couples.

Along with featuring more candid moments with the participants, Part 2 of the reunion also features segments with experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Cal Roberson, and Dr. Vivana Coles. Once again hosted by Kevin Frazier, the new episode uncovers unseen footage and clears the air between some of the season’s brides and grooms. Below, we’re breaking down all of the major moments, so beware of spoilers ahead.

Ladies Chat

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The episode opened with a discussion between all of the brides who got candid about their own bonds and the relationships they built with their matches. The women agree that their first impressions of each other were relatively positive, but Lindsey makes a comment about how Alyssa blocked her on social media. Jasmina chimes in then, noting that she has unfollowed Lindsey, but didn’t block her. Meanwhile, regarding relationships, Noi was surprised that Jasmina and Michael didn’t make it, and Lindsey and Jasmina have become fans of Olajuwon since his improved treatment of Katina following the show.

When the conversation turns back to Lindsey, she admits that her personality is big, but claims that she’s receptive to comments and advice that comes her way. Meanwhile, she accuses Alyssa of messaging Mark on Instagram, and Alyssa claims it was innocent, adding that she has messaged other cast members as well. Jasmina and the other girls defend Alyssa then, revealing that there was some tension with Lindsey because of her willingness to talk cruelly behind Alyssa’s back. Jasmina says Lindsey likes to stir the pot, and there’s not exactly a denial coming from the woman in question. Before heading into the next chapter of the finale, the episode leaves the ladies off with talk of future men in their lives.

A Men’s Perspective

Married at First Sight Season 14 Men

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Next up, it’s the men’s turn to chat with Kevin, as Mark steps up to the plate, admitting that he’s a different person when he’s not around Lindsey. He tells the group that Lindsey bullied him and they agree that he made the right move, noting that all of Lindsey’s supportive acts of kindness didn’t cancel out all of the negative things in their marriage. As for Chris, he addresses his marriage to Alyssa, saying that she didn’t handle marriage well when asked whether he thinks she’s a good person or not. Olajuwon and Steve open up about having learned a lot through the process and feeling as though they’re in better places with their spouses because of it. As for advice for the participants leaving the experience single, Mark hopes Michael approaches his next relationship a little more relaxed than he had been with Jasmina.

Experts Look Back

Married at First Sight Season 14 experts

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The experts sit down for their own session with the host, admitting that they don’t expect every relationship to work out, but they certainly hope they all do. And so, it was a thrill for all of them when four of the five couples chose to stay together after Decision Day. Sadly, that didn’t last for some pairs, but they’re thrilled with the progress that Olajuwon and Katina, and Noi and Steve have made in their own marriages. Dr. Viviana even comments on Steve, saying he could be a therapist on the side.

When Kevin asks about Steve and Noi’s living arrangement, he also calls out Dr. Pepper’s bombshell reveal that she and her husband don’t live in the same home. Ultimately, it’s not an arrangement that the experts would recommend for young couples, but they believe Steve and Noi can make it work for them.

The Season’s Failed Relationships

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The couples who didn’t stay married met with the experts in three different sessions beginning with Michael and Jasmina. While the experts wish that they’d reconsider, it was miscommunication and a difference of opinion that led to a blowout fight that ended their marriage. Dr. Viviana suggests that Jasmina will regret giving up on the marriage once she reenters the dating scene, but the single is adamant that she’s better off exploring other options.

Meanwhile, Alyssa and Chris meet with the experts next, and Alyssa addresses the fact that her requests weren’t met, but Dr. Viviana pulls out her phone to read some of the qualities Alyssa listed on her application, pointing out that Chris had them. Alyssa complains that she was told it would be a comfortable environment for the reunion and instead she feels attacked. As she cries and claims she’s a good person, Chris says he has no regrets. Alyssa, meanwhile, is told that she needs to widen her expectations if she hopes to find love.

Lindsey and Mark round out the expert-couple meetings as they open up about their relationship’s demise. He tells the experts that the bullying got to a point that he couldn’t take it anymore, meanwhile, she accuses him of kicking her out without giving her time to find a living situation. They’re hostile towards each other and when Mark begins crying, Lindsey isn’t sensitive toward him. Dr. Viviana asks her to show some empathy, even if she doesn’t think Mark’s tears are genuine. Ultimately, Dr. Viviana also tells them that whatever they don’t like about each other is based on something personal about themselves since they’re quite similar.

Group Chat

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In one final group session featuring all of the couples, Kevin presents them with unseen footage, asking questions and digging deeper into the season run. When the subject lands on Lindsey and Mark, the group manages to stage an apology from Lindsey to her ex, resolving some of the tension that was there during their chat with the experts. As the cast ends things on a light note, Kevin reminds viewers that Season 15 is right around the corner and this time it’s taking place on the West coast in San Diego. Stay tuned for more this summer as the next round of couples takes a giant leap of faith with this social experiment.

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