‘Married at First Sight’ Boston: Where Are They Now? (RECAP)

Married at First Sight Season 14 Katina and Olajuwon
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 14, Episode 20, “Where Are They Now: Boston.”]

Married at First Sight‘s latest season may have ended with Part 2 of the Reunion, but you can’t leave without a quick follow-up, which is what the “Where Are They Now: Boston,” episode is delivering.

Thankfully, not too much has changed for the remaining married couples and the singles are beginning to move forward with some intriguing developments. Below, we’re breaking down all of the key reveals from the informative episode.

Back in Boston

Married at First Sight Season 14 Lindsey

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Lindsey returns to Boston to visit her father and sign divorce papers with Mark. It’s been several months since Decision Day and a little while since the Reunion was filmed, leading to mixed emotions. While Lindsey is glad to be moving on, she’s optimistic her new life in California will deliver the results she didn’t get from this social experiment.

Katina and Olajuwon are holding strong as they enjoy a paint night in their apartment and nibble on snacks. It’s clear that they’re spending a lot of time together which could become problematic down the line if they don’t come up with a solution.

Catching Up

Married at First Sight Season 14 Chris Steve

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Mark is settling into his living space but recruits Chris and Steve to help him fix a litter box for his cats. During their visit, they talk about the reunion and Chris acknowledges that Alyssa apologized for her actions against him, but he’s not convinced it was entirely genuine. On the other hand, Steve mentions how he’s been trying to sway Noi into moving in together despite the fact that she has six months remaining on her lease. It seems that Steve and Noi have also been discussing kids and they don’t fully agree on their plans in that regard.

Chris brings up that he’s been talking with Season 11’s Olivia from New Orleans, noting that she’s coming up to meet him in Boston. Steve and Mark are excited by this development, leading Steve to suggest Mark go on a blind date with a woman named Crystal who is friends with his sister.

As for Alyssa, she meets one of her friends to visit her rescue dog and she admits that she’s been struggling with the hateful comments she’s received online since the show began premiering. She also tells her pal that she’s been talking to Season 13’s Ryan who is from Houston. It seems that their views align better than Alyssa could have imagined, but could there be something more to their friendship?

Making Plans

Married at First Sight Season 14 Alyssa Katina

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Olajuwon meets up with his former teammate and former Married at First Sight participant Jephte along with Michael to discuss their experience with the series. Jephte tells the men that he wouldn’t change a thing for himself regarding his successful relationship with his wife Shawniece. Olajuwon admits that he needs some space from Katina, revealing that they’ve barely spent time apart since the cameras left. As for Michael, he’s wondering if he needs closure with Jasmina following their difference of opinion regarding their relationship. Jephte and Olajuwon push Michael to seek out one final conversation with hopes that he can move forward.

As for Jasmina, she meets up with Katina and Alyssa for a quick catch-up where they discuss their lives right now. Katina says that she and Olajuwon are doing well and Alyssa tells the ladies about connecting with Ryan. Considering these developments, the women bring up the idea of taking a group trip to the Cape and Alyssa impulsively invites Ryan to take a trip to Boston to meet. Meanwhile, Jasmina is still trying to figure out where her relationship with Michael is and admits she’s not really sure why they stopped talking.

Domestic Life

Married at First Sight Boston: Where Are They Now Special Noi

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Steve and Noi tackle a home improvement project at the apartment that they share part-time as she sometimes stays at her own place. He hopes that working on tiling the kitchen wall will convince her to move in permanently sooner, but she’s hesitant. She also wants to discuss kids and plans for the future, something that Steve believes he has a solution for. In order to test their abilities, he invites his brother to drop off his nieces for an afternoon of fun.

When they do come over, Noi and Steve are both slightly overwhelmed by the three young girls, and after a day of making bath bombs, crafting homemade pizzas, and dance parties, Noi admits she might be willing to change their baby plans. Until now, she’s been determined to have three kids, but she’s thinking of reducing that to two.

Closing the Book

Married at First Sight Season 14 Lindsey Mark

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Lindsey and Mark close the book on their marriage without any big issues as they meet at a lawyer’s office. As they’re initially cordial to one another, when left alone to chat, Lindsey takes the opportunity to apologize for the things she said at the bowling alley earlier this season, admitting she doesn’t really feel that negatively towards him. He thanks her for the apology and notes that he’s grown from this experience, so there’s no real bad blood between them.

First Dates

Married at First Sight Season 14 Olivia Chris

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Chris meets Olivia for an igloo date and compares their experiences with his short-lived marriage in comparison to her extended season brought on by the pandemic. As their banter over the evening goes well, Chris makes the bold move of inviting Olivia to the Cape with the rest of the group. She’s happy to join in but makes it clear that she’ll only attend if it’s okay with Alyssa. Chris assures Olivia everything will be fine regarding that.

Alyssa meets Ryan at a bowling alley where they talk about their dating lives and things look promising between the pair. She tells him about her plans to move to Austin, which he seems to like, and as their conversation continues, she invites him to the Cape, something he’s eager to accept.

As for Mark, he gets some shopping help from Olajuwon to grab some nice new threads for his blind date. It’s the first date since his marriage to Lindsey ended, and Mark is definitely nervous when he goes to meet Crystal. Even with these nerves, the evening goes fairly well and Mark is encouraged by the lack of tension in their time spent together. Even better? She’s not allergic to cats.


Married at First Sight Season 14 cast

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On the day of the getaway, married couples Katina and Olajuwon and Steve and Noi stop by a brewery on their way to the Cape, discussing their lingering challenges within their marriages. Noi officially decides that she’ll move in with Steve full-time within the next three months, much to his excitement. And Olajuwon and Katina agree that they’re going to take one night a week to make plans with their own friends and family in order to get some minor time apart.

As for Alyssa, she meets Ryan for coffee and confronts him about knowing Lindsey, telling him that she’s learned he was chatting with her. Ryan defends that their connection has only been platonic, but Alyssa sees this as a betrayal and uninvites him from attending the trip to the Cape.

Once everyone arrives at the house Alyssa immediately tells Jasmina and Katina about her experience with Ryan, and they agree that she made the right decision to leave him behind. Meanwhile, Olivia and Chris arrive and Jasmina greets Michael with a hug despite their uncertainty about where they stand in their relationship.

Chris is happy that Alyssa keeps cool around Olivia, adding a layer of ease to the situation unfolding. In the kitchen, the boys talk about how happy they are for Chris and Olivia and Alyssa offers her help. The whole house waits for Lindsey’s arrival, particularly Steve and Alyssa who aren’t on great terms with her. When she does finally walk in, Steve and Alyssa ignore Lindsey believing that not engaging is the best method.

As the group toasts in the kitchen to their getaway, Jasmina begins chatting with Olivia only to be pulled aside by Michael. The pair finally have a chat about their relationship and how it ended, ultimately, they can’t see eye to eye on who put what effort into the bond or not, but they agree to disagree over things and let bad feelings dissipate.

It’s good vibes at the dinner table too as Lindsey tells the group about her new life in California, leaving things light and fluffy in conversation, something that Olajuwon is proud of her for. As the evening carries on, Lindsey asks to speak with Steve, taking a moment to clear the air about comments she’s made in the past about his work and lack of money, admitting that she was wrong and apologizing for her actions. Steve is willing to hear her out but will need to see those changes continue moving forward and Noi agrees. Still, it’s better than nothing in terms of salvaging the friendship.

Alyssa also takes a chance to apologize to Chris for the things she said and did during their brief marriage, congratulating him on his budding relationship with Olivia. He’s happy with the apology, noting that it was more genuine than the one she delivered at the reunion. And with that, the chapter closes on Season 14’s stories for now as the married couples and newfound singles look ahead to the future. Stay tuned for the next round of relationship rollercoasters when Season 15 kicks off in July.

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