‘FBI: International’: Luke Kleintank Promises Answers About Scott’s Mother in Season 1 Finale

Luke Kleintank as Special Agent Scott Forrester in FBI International
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Angela Cassidy (Elizabeth Mitchell) is back in the FBI: International Season 1 finale, but can Fly Team leader Scott Forrester (Luke Kleintank) trust anything his mother, who has been labeled a spy, has to say?

He did let her go when he was supposed to help bring her in earlier in the season. “The saying is a mother is a son’s first love, so I think it is really hard for him to kind of take her down. I think in that moment he thought, ‘I can’t do this, I don’t know if I can do this,'” Kleintank tells TV Insider, pointing out he didn’t know what was in the file. “He didn’t really know all the details. And so I think it wasn’t enough for him to bring her in. He’s just confused and that he went to the side of love as opposed to the side of the job.”

Now, in “Crestfallen,” the Fly Team looks into a man who missed a flight after the private jet with American citizens on board is shot down over Europe. Meanwhile, Forrester is conflicted when he receives information on a case from Angela.

Kleintank previews the finale and where he stands when it comes to his mother, as well as the personal nature of his relationship with Fly Team member Jamie Kellett (Heida Reed). Plus, check out an exclusive photo of the cast below:

The Cast of FBI International

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Scott’s mother is back. Heading into the finale, how is he feeling about her?

Luke Kleintank: He’s conflicted. He’s wanting her to be good. He doesn’t know whether his mother is actually telling the truth or it’s a complete lie. I think he wants to believe that it’s the truth. He’s a conflicted man. It’s his mother, so it’s somebody that he loves and I think he’s always needed that love in his life and she left him for 15 years. He didn’t want to believe that she is what they’re saying she is, but him being an FBI agent and constantly looking at people under a magnifying glass, I think he’s a little wary.

Based on the promo for the finale, it looks like he’s going to be risking a lot because of his mother. What can you preview?

She’s a big part of the finale. She gives him some information that potentially could help her and help him. It’s the constant battle of whether or not, again, she’s truly being truthful or is everything a lie and everything that he’s trying to do for her to bring her in out of the dark. So I feel like he’s just conflicted again. We don’t really know what her motives are and I don’t want to get too much away, but you’ll find out in the season finale exactly how it ends up and where they stand at the end together.

Scott and Jamie are so complicated. In the last episode, there was that moment he looked in her direction after that line about the “feeling when you first meet someone and they just see you.” At this point, how does Scott feel about Jamie?

There’s always gonna be that thing between those two. I think he’s got a deep love for this woman and he knows where she stands and she knows where he stands. But I think he’s a little more keen to keep it going because he’s the boss and he can kind of navigate around it. I think she’s worried about him and she knows that he would do anything for her, and so she protects him too. They’re kind of like a married couple, but not a married couple, you know what I mean?

What’s coming up for them in the finale?

We won’t see any of that with them in the finale, as far as their relationship. This is more of an action-packed, kind of Jason Bourne, Forrester on the run, trying to figure out things for his mother and trying to solve something selfishly for himself. The team is right behind him because they all love each other, and so I think in that respect, she cares about him a lot and she wants to make sure he’s safe, but she understands what he’s doing.

Scott got Jaeger [Christiane Paul] her job back, and I have to say I love that dynamic. If that hadn’t worked out, he would have at least tried to bring her onto the Fly Team, right? Because he needs her, he needs someone like her in his life and at work, right?

Yeah. We call her the mama bear of the group, so yeah, of course. He would do anything for his team. He would pull any strings he can. Then you get logistical, because she’s Europol, she’s not FBI, she’s German. Then you get in a whole different kind of dynamic. But I think if anybody’s gonna make it work, it’d probably be Scott.

Scott’s been through so much and I can only imagine what’s coming in finale that I hope he can at least trust that Tank’s OK? I love those two together and there could’ve been some heartbreak earlier this season.

Everybody loves Tank. We all love him on set so much. He’s a sweetheart, but he’s a baby. I don’t know if people know this. He’s only a three-year-old pup and his name is Green. We all love him to death. He’s not going anywhere, I’ll tell you that. He’s always gonna be around. He’s supposed to be older in the show, and I think Scott worries about him a lot, just because he is his boy and he’s had him since he was younger.

Luke Kleintank as Special Agent Scott Forrester and Green as Tank in FBI International

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What can you say about how Scott’s doing at the end of the finale? Does he get the closure that he needs?

I don’t think he gets the closure that he needs. But I think he gets a sense of relief to the information that he figures out. I wouldn’t say it was a full closure, but I think he gets a lot of information that helps him to heal a little bit.

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