‘To Mom (And Dad), With Love’: Charlie Brown & Pals Celebrate Moms in First Look (VIDEO)

Charlie Brown and friends are celebrating their mothers (and fathers) in the latest Peanuts special, To Mom (And Dad), With Love.

Set to premiere Friday, May 6 on Apple TV+, we’re giving Peanuts fans an exclusive sneak peek at the special’s first seven minutes along with an extra bonus clip featuring the cast of familiar characters as they come up with ways to celebrate their moms.

Charlie Brown To Mom (And Dad), With Love

(Credit: Apple TV+)

In To Mom (And Dad), With Love, everyone in the Peanuts gang is excited about gearing up for Mother’s Day, everyone except for Peppermint Patty. For her, it’s a reminder that she didn’t grow up with a mom, making for mixed feelings surrounding the popular day.

Thankfully, good friend Marcie helps Peppermint Patty see that families come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that the day doesn’t have to be a sad event. Along with finding new ways to make the day special, Snoopy is tagging along as Woodstock goes in search of his mom.

These elements are teased in the opening sequence, above, which sees Charlie Brown, Sally, Lucy, Linus, and more join Peppermint Patty and Marcie at a local football field to play. The game plan begins to fizzle when Pig-Pen brings up Mother’s Day because most of the kids forgot the holiday was coming up. Yikes!

See them scramble to come up with gift ideas as Peppermint Patty becomes annoyed with their sudden disinterest in the game in the opening scene, above. Plus, catch another first look at the sweet special in the clip, below. And don’t miss To Mom (And Dad), With Love when it drops on Apple TV+ this May.

To Mom (And Dad), With Love, Special Premiere, Friday, May 6, Apple TV+