‘Married at First Sight’: 4 Key Moments From ‘Are You In, or Are You Out?’ (RECAP)

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 14, Episode 16, “Are You In, or Are You Out?”]

Decision Day is around the corner for Married at First Sight‘s Season 14 couples and in the latest episode, “Are You In, or Are You Out?” they’re weighing their options as they prepare to make one of the biggest choices of their lives.

Below, we’re breaking down all of the key moments, interactions, and more from the pivotal episode which will lead to Decision Day in two weeks. Beware of spoilers ahead.

A Friend’s Perspective

Married at First Sight Season 14 Lindsey

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As the participants consider their options, it’s a perfect time to check in with friends who can offer advice. First up is Noi who meets with her pal Supri to whom she opens up about struggles she’s had with Steve. Mostly, Noi seems annoyed that Steve doesn’t think she participates in house chores and other duties enough especially when he’s still unemployed. Supri unsurprisingly sides with her friend’s perspective.

Olajuwon meets with his former coach and mentor to reflect on his time with Katina, and although he’s happy, the newlywed is mostly concerned that her schooling will get in the way of his future plans. Michael meets with his sisters to provide an update on his marriage to Jasmina and the advice they leave him with is, to be honest when it comes to his feelings as he notes the lack of physical connection he’s had with his wife. Michael’s feelings mirror Jasmina’s as she mentions the same concerns to a friend who provides similar advice about being direct and honest.

Meanwhile, things between Mark and Lindsey have been better but he’s still unsure about what his Decision Day choice will be. When Mark meets with his friend Jon, he reveals how much he appreciates Lindsey’s support, but is that enough to stay married and Jon tells him to judge the relationship on the progress they’ve made, not the fights they’ve had in the past.

Despite Noi’s doubts, Steve is optimistic about the future when he meets with a friend to pick out a custom ring to prove his love for her. Steve’s friend admits that a big-ticket item like a ring could show how invested he is in the relationship. And Lindsey looks to her “work wife” Cara for input on Mark. While Lindsey appreciates Mark’s empathetic heart, she wonders if that’s enough to outweigh what she doesn’t like and her friend says she’ll have to weigh the pros and cons.

Wild Moments

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At the beginning of the episode, in a wild twist, Lindsey has Mark take an at-home fertility test to see if he’s currently capable of conceiving a child considering they’re both on the older end to have kids. While Mark is weirded out initially, he’s thrilled to find that he’s perfectly fine in that department after testing samples.

And in a turn that viewers at the beginning of the season may not have expected, Olajuwon and Lindsey actually get together to chat and be buddies. A far cry from their honeymoon feud. They both talk about their thoughts for the future, when Lindsey brings up Mark’s inability to be direct, Olajuwon says that it’s because he’s probably intimidated by Lindsey and suggests she go easy on her husband because of it. As for Olajuwon, he brings up a desire to travel and Lindsey says he’ll regret it if he breaks things off with Katina, even if they’re not how he pictured.

In a group outing, the couples convene for a game of flag football in which Katina dominates the competition, but things take a scary turn when Mark collapses with leg pain. At first, some think it could be a torn ligament but ultimately he’s experiencing a muscle cramp and Lindsey helps get him hydrated with some water. While they talk about their relationships, they agree to feel grateful for the experience no matter how Decision Day turns out.


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Jasmina and Michael try to foster some physical closeness with a salsa dancing lesson and following the session, they enjoy some champagne and snacks while talking about their future. While they’re both struggling, it doesn’t seem like their marriage is off the table if physical chemistry doesn’t arrive before Decision Day, they just both have to decide if there’s enough of a foundation to build off of.

Olajuwon and Katina go out for a dinner date and he explains to her how much she means to him, revealing that smiling is easy with her in his life and the feeling is mutual as she tells him she’s never laughed so much in a relationship. As for Lindsey and Mark, he takes her to his mother’s old apartment which was recently cleaned out. He proposes that they move into it once the experiment is over, but they don’t see eye to eye over the decor as he wants to keep some of the old remnants, but she argues that she wants a new life with Mark, not part of his old life. Despite the hiccup, the couple ends their night with a rooftop dance.

Noi and Steve go out to dinner and talk about their living situation following Decision Day as she still plans to live in her old apartment separate from him. He’s open to it, but she isn’t sure if it will as she worries about his job security. He tries to bring up that he’s proven a few times that he’s capable of having permanent work, and admits he’s annoyed by her lack of faith in him.

Last Night & Morning

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On their final night together before Decision Day, Lindsey and Mark cuddle with their cats in bed and they’re both anxious about what’s to come. Steve worries about Noi holding back her feelings from him, and while they joke about past conflicts, he brings up a concern that he should be able to ask her to do certain things when she expects that for herself. Noi doesn’t appear to be so sure.

When Katina and Olajuwon work on packing their clothes up, he tells Katina that no matter her choice on Decision Day, he wants her to be selfish so she gets what she wants. Mike and Jasmina feel optimistic, but are struggling to come to terms with the fact that Decision Day is so close.

The episode concludes with the couples bidding each other adieu and worrying about the big choice on their horizon. Stay tuned to see what conclusions they come to when the Decision Day episode airs on May 11.

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