‘Outer Range’ Sneak Peek: Royal Faces the Law (VIDEO)

“Ya ever wonder if the world’s not what you think it is?”

That meaning-loaded question could be the central theme of Prime Video’s outstanding puzzle-box mystery Outer Range, which is dropping its third and fourth episodes this Friday. It could also be the line that reveals how close the atheistic Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) is to embracing the unknown, having discovered a gaping hole to nowhere — or maybe everywhere? — on his Wyoming ranch.

Not only has he seen the mystical anomaly, he’s fallen through it and tossed the corpse of his neighbor’s son Trevor (Matt Lauria) into it after the dude’s deadly bar fight with his own kid, Perry (Tom Pelphrey). In this exclusive clip from Episode 4, “The Loss,” the locals have gathered to bid goodbye to someone (not saying who!) and an already haunted Royal finds himself on the bar-room end of a casual interrogation from Deputy Sheriff Joy (the wondrous Tamara Podemski). And while she’s spot-on with the suspicion that the Abbotts are hiding something, Joy has no idea that their role in Trevor’s disappearance pales in comparison to what they are trying to keep under wraps out on the west pasture.

The episode also features one of the most nerve-shredding poker games and a major hint as to what one of the more mysterious characters on the canvas may be up to. So pay close attention.

And by the way, Royal’s comment about “no law, no order, just chaos all the way down”? Yeah, get ready for that because things get even wilder after these two episodes. And just wait until you meet the Tillerson’s matriarch.

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