WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley Discusses Bond with Tag Partner Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley

When Rhea Ripley‘s tag team with Nikki ASH unraveled, most fans expected her to refocus on singles competition. Instead, the WWE superstar known as “The Nightmare” woke up to a happy new partnership—this time, alongside Liv Morgan

Granted, the fan favorites saw some success but ultimately came up short of winning gold at WrestleMania 38 and fought in a losing effort the next night. But Ripley and Morgan now get one more shot to challenge title holders Sasha Banks and Naomi on the April 11 episode of Raw. Here, Ripley goes inside the ropes about her friendship with Morgan. 

How did your tag team with Liv come about?

Rhea Ripley: It was sort of thrown together like my tag team with Nikki ASH. But I’m very thankful it was because I get along with Liv. Not that I didn’t with Nikki—until she backstabbed me [on TV]. I really don’t let a lot of people in. Liv’s different. I’ve known Liv for five years now. She is such a bubbly personality. She is an Energizer Bunny and is always making me smile. I’m having fun during this time. 

Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley


When it comes to tag teams, I think sometimes what is lost is the simple part of the presentation, like matching ring attire. You want to show you’re a cohesive duo. We look at you two and here we have badass chicks in badass gear.

I love the way Liv dresses, and she likes the way I like to dress. We try to make it somewhat the same but still our own sort of thing. I think the visual presentation of us looking very similar and being badass like you said, and having the chains and the studs and all that stuff is a cool look that meshes well. 

What have you bonded over beyond just pro wrestling?

We normally have a good laugh. She is really funny. We just do dumb stuff together. From taking a photo and seeing how she looks like a little demon to laughing for 30 minutes—I’m not lying, in tears, on the ground, laughing from just one photo. We just talk about anything. Then she is also a horror movie buff, and so am I. We bond over that. She loves candles and makes candles. I love that. I don’t know as much about crystals and candles, but I do like them. We are similar in a lot of different ways. 

It seems like from a branding perspective Liv has that entrepreneurial spirit. Is there any business you’re looking to build?

I definitely thought about it before, and then I get swamped with work. Then I forget about it for a while. There are a lot of things I have been thinking about. I might be doing something soon.

Rhea Ripley

Triple H

Anything you can tease?

I want to say some clothing. We’ll see when that happens. I say soon, but knowing my schedule, I don’t know. 

Triple H was backstage for the first time in months amid all the health issues he has overcome. Knowing how much impact he has on you and other young talents, what has that meant to you?

I wasn’t expecting him to be here. When he got introduced to the room [WrestleMania weekend], I genuinely started crying. It was so lovely to see him. It has been such a long time. I’m happy he is back on the path to being healthy again. It got really scary for a while. I’m glad he has gotten better. I owe my career to him. I owe my love of wrestling to him. Without a Triple H, there won’t be a Rhea Ripley. 

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