‘Lethal Weapon’: Clayne Crawford on How Riggs Deals With the Holidays

Lethal Weapon
Michael Yarish/Fox
Lethal Weapon

Déjà vu abounds when—as in the 1987 Lethal Weapon film—a woman dies after falling from a high-rise at Christmas in Wednesdays’ episode. But Clayne Crawford (above), who plays renegade cop Riggs, insists the parallels stop there as they’ll “explore sides of Riggs that the films were unable to and go back to Miranda [Riggs’s wife, who died in the pilot] and see how they met, how they evolved and why he’s in the state he’s in.”

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The holiday hits Riggs hard, but his anxiety may help provide insight into the mystery of Miranda’s demise. “I think what’s driving Riggs crazy is that [her death] may not have been an accident.”

And while Riggs has grown closer to Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) and his family, don’t expect him to open up too easily. “He wants to keep them at arm’s length,” Crawford says. “The question is whether the Murtaughs accept that, or will they push themselves into Riggs’s life and make sure they’re there for him?”

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