‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Teddi Mellencamp on What Led to Being the First Eviction

Spoiler Alert

Teddi Mellencamp is no stranger to reality TV from her years on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but learned Big Brother: Celebrity Edition is a whole different ball game. The first star evicted from season 3 was sent packing after being voted out over Todd Bridges

When the cast initially made themselves at home it seemed things were going fine for the star. She was a part of “The Formation” alliance alongside Mirai Nagasu, Todrick Hall, Cynthia Bailey, Shanna Moakler, and Carson Kressley. Too bad Miesha Tate, first Head of Household (HOH), saw her as an early threat from the start. Mellencamp thought she was safe after striking up a deal if she became HOH down the road with the MMA fighter, but as they do on BB, plans change. Not even the “Mon Won” “Nom Now” twist that pulled Nagasu off the chopping block could save her. 

Less than 24 hours outside the house, we sat down with Mellencamp for an exit interview. 



Have you had a chance to reflect on what happened?

Teddi Mellencamp: I got home late last [night], fell asleep, and started doing press. I have over a thousand text messages asking me why I trusted Miesha. I haven’t gotten to the point of decompressing yet. 

You played a pretty straightforward game. Is there something you think you could have done differently?

I should have never trusted Todrick. When I saw that he was potentially playing on Twitter that he was going to be in the house, I was warned not to trust him. He was so nice and funny when I first got there that I forgot that advice. I thought, “Maybe they saw a different side.” Apparently, that’s his only side. Shoot. 

Do you think if you had talked to Miesha about not trusting Todrick it would have worked in your favor?

I could have ultimately played a different game with Miesha, but the amount of obsession that those guys had with her. Todrick and Chris Kirkpatrick were fanning out. I don’t think I could have ever put in the work that Chris Kirkpatrick did with her. I ultimately think she did what she wanted to do. 



How would you say your Real Housewives experience compared? Did it help?

I would say it’s completely different because with Housewives you know when the cameras are going to be there. You have set times. This was 24-hours over 11 days. It was unbelievable to me. The fact I didn’t have a second competition. I thought I would be competing every day. We were in quarantine seven days prior. It was a long road. 

So in some sense, happy to be home?

I’m a fierce competitor. I know I was a threat. It was shocking for a little while, but I’m so grateful for my life. Being home and seeing my family, I have a really good life that maybe I took for granted. Now it puts things in perspective. 

Miesha targeted you from the beginning, so a testament to how strong of a player she thought you were.

I think Miesha knew, but I think people didn’t realize until that first competition that I was strong. I could have thrown that, but it’s not my nature. I wanted my kids to see me fight. I could have held on longer, but I thought I would have a competition the next day.  I think Miesha knew I had a strong social game. And that she does not. Her bedside manner is not ideal. She knew that I can do both. 

How did your family think you did?

I’m so glad this is a family show and my little kids could watch. My son was like, “I’m watching this like I watch a Rams game. This is your one mistake. Why did you trust Miesha? They are all obsessed with her.’”

Before you left, you made the parting comment, “Have fun with the dishes.” Were you cleaning up after everyone?

Once I realized I was going home I said I was doing a dishes strike. I said I wasn’t doing the dishes anymore. They were piling up and filling up. I was thinking, “Sorry about your luck guys.” The guys in the house other than Carson and Chris Kirkpatrick, but it is beyond. I mean from sharting, and that’s a direct quote, to being messy, messy, messy. Like how do you take care of yourself in the real world? Some don’t know how to use a microwave. 

Who would you say is the messiest?

A lot of the guys are messy. The worst kind of messy is the ones who pretend not to be messy. Todrick is really messy but pretends he is helping. Cynthia would vacuum and Todrick would hold the vacuum and be like, “I helped.” No, you didn’t. You actually don’t know how to make any of your own food or even warm up your pizza. 

Who is your pick to go all the way?

I think Carson. I think Carson is strong. He is such a pleasure to be around. I obviously love Cynthia and Shanna as well, but I think ultimately Carson can work both sides of the fence. I think he will be able to pull through if he can break up the Todrick and Miesha alliance.

Big Brother: Celebrity Edition, Next Episode airs Sunday, February 6, 8/7c, CBS