‘Resident Alien’ Season 2 Expands on Harry’s ‘Path Towards Humanity’ (VIDEO)

Life is going to be different in Patience in Season 2 of Resident Alien.

“We wanted to expand on Harry’s journey and his path towards humanity,” creator and showrunner Chris Sheridan told TV Insider when he and the cast sat down to tease what’s ahead.

As has already been revealed in the trailer, Alan Tudyk’s alien crashes back to Earth following the Season 1 finale, and among what to expect going forward, expect to see Harry and Sheriff Mike Thompson (Corey Reynolds) once again as foes.

Alan Tudyk as Alien Harry in Resident Alien

James Dittiger/SYFY

“At the end of last season, we found out who killed Sam Hodges and this season, we’re going to delve more into the why,” Reynolds previews. In doing so, some of the questions they’ll be dealing with include what was the first human Harry Vanderspeigle doing “and what type of chaos did Alan’s character inherit by taking over his life? But it’s still a tremendous amount of hijinks that takes place as we pursue said leads in the case.”

As Tudyk says, “out of respect,” both characters do have their moments as idiots, and “as foes, I think that’s where the hilarity that ensues comes from.”

On the other side of things, Resident Alien will continue to highlight Asta (Sara Tomko) and D’Arcy’s (Alice Wetterlund) friendship. “Sara is probably the most generous actor I’ve ever worked with,” Wetterlund notes. “Our chemistry is real. When you see us lean into each other on camera, that’s real.”

Adds Tomko, “we just glide in together with the comedy and drama of this show, which happens to be a metaphor for the entire series. I think we’re sort of the poster children for what this show is.”

Watch the video above for more from the cast and creator about Season 2 and working together.

Resident Alien, Season 2 Premiere, Wednesday, January 26, 9/8c, Syfy