‘Judy Justice’ First Look: Judy Struggles to Learn the Rules of Social Media (VIDEO)

Have you missed Judge Judy Sheindlin? Fear not because fresh episodes of her IMDb TV series, Judy Justice are on the way beginning Monday, January 24.

In an exclusive first look at the TV icon’s return, Judy Justice‘s courtroom creates a conversation about social media during one of the upcoming cases. While someone is under judgement, Judy is getting candid about her own challenged relationship with social media.

Judy Justice Judge Judith Sheindlin

(Credit: IMDb TV)

“Is there a book that gives you all these rules?” she asks one of the litigants. “I’m being serious with you,” she adds in a stern tone. “It’s so frightening to my generation to have to know about all of these rules.”

What the judge is referring to is challenges regarding social media activity and how it can be monitored by others online. When it comes to situations like this, Judy credits her grandchildren with helping her learn the ropes, even if she hasn’t mastered the rules.

“I know I sometimes will be sitting with one of my grandchildren and I’ll want to look up something and they’ll scream at me, ‘don’t do that! They’ll know that you’re watching them!'” she reveals with a laugh. She goes on to explain, “I didn’t know that if you press something other people or the person who has posted something can see that you’re reading it.”

Let’s just say, Judge Judy wouldn’t be a stealthy online stalker. “I need a social media monitor,” she laments in the clip. Catch the full sneak peek with the video, above, and don’t miss Judy Justice‘s return on IMDb TV this month.

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