All of the ‘Jeopardy!’ Records Amy Schneider Has Broken So Far

Amy Schneider Jeopardy!

Current Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider is in the midst of a record-breaking run on the long-running game show and doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

The California-based engineering manager secured her 22nd consecutive win on Thursday’s episode, putting her just 10 games away from matching Jeopardy! legend James Holzhauer as the third-ranked contestant ever in successive wins.

Here are all the records Schneider has achieved so far.

First Woman to Achieve 21 Consecutive Wins

When Schneider pulled off her 21st win in a row on Wednesday, she became the first woman in the show’s history to do so. The previous record for a woman was 20 consecutive wins, held by Julia Collins, who has now been knocked into second position.

“I never dreamed of matching Julia’s streak,” Schneider wrote on Twitter. “It’s hard to say how I felt: proud, dazed, happy, numb, all those things.”

Highest-Earning Woman

Following her 18th consecutive win, Schneider stood at total earnings of $706,800, setting a new record for female contestants. This impressive feat bumped her above Jeopardy!‘s previous top-earning female player, Larissa Kelly, who amassed $655,930 through regular season play and tournament competitions.

Fifth Highest Earner Overall

Schneider continues to climb up the overall earners chart with every victory, currently sitting in the fifth spot. The only players standing above her are Matt Amodio in fourth place ($1,518,601), Holzhauer in third place ($2,462,216), Jeopardy! GOAT and current host Ken Jennings in second place ($4,370,700), and Brad Rutter in first place ($4,938,436).

Fourth Overall in Consecutive Wins

While she holds the most consecutive wins for a woman, Schneider is still looking to topple Jennings’ impressive 74 consecutive games in 2004. She currently holds the fourth spot and has her sights set on jumping ahead of Holzhauer, who right now has the third spot at 32 wins.

“I’d like to beat James Holzhauer, I think. He seems very confident, I guess I’ll say. And so it would sort of feel good, I think, in a way,” Schneider said in an interview with Jeopardy! Clue Crew member Jimmy McGuire.

First Trans Woman to Qualify for Tournament of Champions

After her 11th consecutive win, Schneider made history by becoming the first trans contestant to qualify for the show’s Tournament of Champions, the annual competition including players with the most wins from the past season.

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