‘Ragdoll’: Baxter Looks for Answers From Rose in a Finale First Look (VIDEO)

The season finale of AMC+‘s Ragdoll arrives Thursday, December 16 and we have an exclusive first look at the drama that’s unfolding.

In a sneak peek clip, above, Baxter (Thalissa Teixeira) is seeking answers from Rose (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) who has found himself in a dicey situation. Meeting in a parking garage, Baxter approaches Rose who is forced to confront his recent choices as she attempts to help him choose a path of redemption.

Ragdoll Thalissa Teixeira and Henry-Lloyd Hughes

(Credit: AMC+)

“Have you lost your mind?” Baxter asks. Rose doesn’t seem to be in the answering mood though as he brings up the car he’s driving instead of addressing Baxter’s direct remarks. While Baxter tries to understand what’s happening, she lists off some of Rose’s most wild decisions he’s made recently, like blackmailing Edmunds (Lucy Hale).

“You’ve got nothing under control,” Baxter accuses. “You’re freewheeling and making the same mistakes all over again… people are gonna die because you’re on some death or glory bulls**t.” Meanwhile, Rose is urged to speak after this accusation is hurled his way.

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Not for the squeamish, this British thriller streaming on AMC+ features an unstable detective targeted by a nightmarishly inventive serial killer.

“Massey learned everything he knows about killing inside the prison system,” Rose says. “He’s gonna spend the rest of his life telling anyone who will listen how to commit mass murder.” The bottom line? This man will be just as dangerous behind bars as he is outside. But Baxter wants to do things by the book, which makes Rose’s actions even more perplexing to her. “I don’t get to choose what’s right and wrong,” she says.

The finale is the culmination of AMC+’s drama about detectives who work to uncover the mystery of the Ragdoll Killer. See how the story unfolds by tuning into the episode on AMC+ and catch the sneak peek, above.

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