Lucy Hale & the ‘Ragdoll’ Cast Tease Your New Dark Obsession (VIDEO)

Move over, A. There’s a new nasty plaguing Pretty Little LiarsLucy Hale and this one is crafty in a far more ferocious way: The killer in the new British thriller Ragdoll has sewn the dismembered parts of his victims together into one whole, human-shaped horror corpse. It’s a sight to behold and then be forgotten as soon as possible.

Based on Daniel Cole’s best-selling novel and created by the exec-producers of Killing Eve, the six-part series is soaked in suspense, gallows humor, and insight. The action opens with the discovery of a cross-stitched corpse by London detective Emily Baxter (Thalissa Teixeira), her PTSD-haunted former partner-turned-subordinate Nathan Rose (Henry Lloyd-Hughes), and American recruit Lake Edmunds (Hale). Before you can say “That thing has to stank,” the hunt is on for a serial killer.

But this is not just your run-of-the-mill maniac, nor is it your cookie-cutter crime drama. Whomever is behind the murders is Hannibal Lecter-clever and hellbent on terrorizing Rose, potentially due to his role in a botched case years earlier that torpedoed the detective’s career. And the tone of the show itself is so unexpectedly cheeky at times, you almost forget the terrifying fact that the trio is racing the clock to catch the culprit, who has sent them a kill list of his next batch of targets… including one of their own. In addition, you have never seen Hale in this sort of role — it’s so far from her usual rom-com work, and she’s a revelation.

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Roush Review: A Gruesome 'Ragdoll' for Adults Only

Not for the squeamish, this British thriller streaming on AMC+ features an unstable detective targeted by a nightmarishly inventive serial killer.

TV Insider spoke with the threesome recently about this disturbing, witty, and darkly addictive tale, their characters’ individual issues, and what it was like spending so much time with a prop that will pretty much live in our nightmares for years to come.

Ragdoll, Series Premiere, Thursday, November 11, AMC+