‘Finding Prince Charming’ Finale Preview: Why Is Brandon Sidelined?

Finding Prince Charming
(l-r) Robert, Brandon, Eric and Dillon in Palm Springs in the season finale.

We’re down to the final three guys vying to win the hand of Prince Charming, Robert Sepulveda, Jr., so expect things to get more than a little tense in this week’s finale of Logo’s reality series, Finding Prince Charming.

The series, which has already been renewed for a second season, takes the reality dating competition to a new arena by having an all-male cast live in a house and see one of them cast off in each episode. The series is hosted by Lance Bass.

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In the Season 1 finale, Robert must make his final decision by choosing either Brandon, Dillon or Eric but, as we see in this clip, Brandon hits a snag and could see his chances to get alone time with Robert diminished when he gets injured during the guys’ time in Palm Springs.

Finding Prince Charming, Season finale, Thursday, 9/8c, Logo