‘The Neighborhood’: Tichina Arnold & Beth Behrs Tease Their Sexy Halloween (VIDEO)

Bring on the candy, scares, and spirit that make Halloween so much fun on Monday’s episode of the CBS comedy The Neighborhood. The November 1 installment digs into a common question that Tina Butler (Tichina Arnold) and neighbor Gemma Johnson (Beth Behrs) confront head-on in the episode. “Our characters get into the ‘am I too old for sexy Halloween?’ debate,” details Behr.

As Behr and Arnold tell TV Insider’s Jim Halterman, despite the extra time the episode took to shoot given additional set decorations and costumes for the cast, the actors didn’t let that spoil their good time. “What was fun, though, is that we were together as a cast,” says Arnold, who also teases how Cedric the Entertainer‘s Calvin reacts to his wife’s revealing get-up for the holiday.

This episode may keep things light, but getting into the heavier and more dramatic subject matter is foundational to the comedy. “As an actor, we love to be challenged anyway on the show. Be it if it’s serious or physical comedy, we invite it all because it’s just another texture to the show and allows the show to be a lot more interesting,” says Behr, who also reflects on Gemma’s recent miscarriage and the “powerful and truthful” writing for that episode.

Check out the interview with Behrs and Arnold above.

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