‘Legends of Tomorrow’: Caity Lotz Rounds Up the O.G. Team for the 100th Episode (VIDEO)

Legends of Tomorrow + 100th episode
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Clear the decks and warn the Time Bureau: The gang is getting back together!

For Legends of Tomorrow‘s 10oth episode, entitled “wvrdr_error_100 not found,” the Waverider is taking on some new passengers, albeit ones who already know their way around the ship. With a newly physical version of Gideon (Amy Louise Pemberton) basically incapacitated by having to be human (we feel ya, girl), Astra (Olivia Swann) and Spooner (Lisseth Chavez) download themselves into her mindscape and discover that a virus is about to erase her memory—and her memories of the team.

Legends of Tomorrow - Lisseth Chavez + Amy Louise Pemberton + Olivia Swann

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This leads the ladies to scroll through a series of events from seasons past, opening the door (or file?) for the virtual-reality returns of original Legends Hawkman (Falk Hentschel), Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), former captain Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), the Firestorm duo of Martin Stein and Jax (Victor Garber, Franz Drameh, The Atom creator Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh). Routh’s wife, Courtney Ford also returns as Nora Darhk, the villain-turned-hero who debuted in Season 3. It’s a veritable “Old Home Week” vibe up in here, made all the more meaningful by the fact that series regular Caity Lotz directed the clip-filled, emotional hour.

Here, the actress — who last directed Season 6’s partially animated episode — opens up about directing the milestone episode, suiting up as O.G. Sara Lance again, and how it felt to fill TV’s version of the Millennium Falcon with so many folks who have come and gone.

OK, what is with you directing the toughest episodes?

Caity Lotz: [Laughs] Yeah, they, they love to give me a challenge. It was definitely an honor that they would trust me with such an important episode for our show. It was really cool.

Legends of Tomorrow - Franz Drameh

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Did you know how many of the former Legends were coming back?

No, no idea. I know that they were trying to get people and it was hard because it was COVID time and the borders hadn’t [opened]. And so it was a lot tougher to get people to come up here if they were going to have to quarantine for two weeks. That was a challenge because a lot of the bookings kind of happened pretty last-minute.

How great was it to work again with Brandon, Franz, Victor… you all helped launch the show.

Yeah. That was really cool. They were so supportive. I mean, man, I love like, I love Wentworth Miller so much like he’s just the sweetest soul ever. And to be able to work with him as a director was really awesome. And Victor was so sweet, you know? He was like, “I always knew you were going to direct. I knew this was what you were supposed to do.” [Laughs]

Legends of Tomorrow - Wentworth Miller

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When was the last time you saw everyone?

Oh forever ago. I see Franz, he’s like my little brother, so we would hang out sometimes up here in Vancouver, but everybody else I hadn’t seen in, you know, forever.

And what did you think about having to get into the old Sara costume?

I was like ‘I hope this fits!’ Thank god it did. [Laughs]

So once again, you get a story that has it all. There are a ton of effects, which the show is known for, as well as all of these great callbacks. You even get Beebo in there. But unlike last season, you gave yourself a little bit of a break by not having to be on screen all the time.

Yeah. That is much easier. I like to be behind the monitor when I’m directing and it is much easier to just be directing, that’s for sure.

Last time you were doing it from a hospital bed aboard Bishop’s ship.

Handcuffed to a bed. Yes. It was difficult. [Laughs]

Legends of Tomorrow - Amy Louise Pemberton + Arthur Darvill

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The episode does such a nice job of humanizing Gideon, even though she’s A.I. And my god, you have a final sequence where all the Legends are giving her advice. Chills!

I know it’s so touching, right? I was really so, so happy with how that last bit came out. Sometimes, you can do everything you think is right but the feeling doesn’t always come through. But when I was watching, as she went from the book club to the silly-string party scene to the karaoke, I was right there, feeling it. Everything that she was feeling, it was like I was really feeling it.

And that last scene, walking down the hallway? On the day that we shot that, you felt something. Looking down that hallway and seeing all these people and just thinking about how far the show has come, how many episodes we’ve done, and how many stories we’ve told, it was just all there in that hallway. It felt so powerful. So it’s cool to hear that the feeling we all got to feel being there on set translated to the screen.

Legends of Tomorrow -

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So this is becoming almost like a regular gig for you. Are you ready to go big time with directing?

OK, well it’s most likely that I will be directing another one of our Arrowverse shows coming up here soon. A different show. I gotta spread my wings and get beyond the cast and crew that know me so well. [Laughs]

Oh, that’s nice. And what is up with the Legends after this 100th episode?

I guess we’re waiting on that word for Season 8 pickup. [Laughs] As far as the rest of this season, we’re filming Episode 9 right now and it is…we’re totally different characters. And we’ve been having a blast. Yesterday, when we were filming, was one of the most fun days I’ve had on set. We were all laughing so hard, we could barely get through the take. There’s this one scene, oh my God, it’s hilarious and everybody is just…it’s just pretty cool.

And 100 episodes — did this trigger any memories of what it’s been like spending so much time with this character?

Yeah, for sure. I think, also playing Sara when she was not a leader and was more of an instigator, a lone wolf, and much more guarded and tough, that was interesting to play again because it really made me realize how far Sara has come and how much she’s changed. She has evolved quite a bit!

Legends of Tomorrow - Caity Lotz + Franz Drameh + Wentworth Miller

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Now she’s a newlywed! Did you get to go through old episodes and pick the clips that went into this episode?

Oh my god, we had to do a lot of deep-diving because also it was like, “Okay, we need to turn the set and try make the Waverider look like Season 1. We even looked at old episodes to see what the characters were like and the style of the show, because it was so different how we shot things. Man, what a journey. I can’t imagine what it would be like if somebody were to get hooked on Legends now and be like, “Oh let me watch it from the beginning.” It would just be a slow descent into madness. [Laughs]

Watch an exclusive clip from the episode below:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, 100th episode, Wednesday, 8/7c, The CW.