‘The Voice’ Knockouts Premiere: 12 Must-See Moments (VIDEO)

The Voice Season 21 Ed Sheeran and Blake Shelton
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The Voice

The Knockouts Premiere

Season 21 • Episode 11

The Voice has made it to the Season 21 Knockouts as the remaining hopefuls go up against their own teammates for a chance to get to the Live episodes.

Helping the remaining singers prepare for the Knockouts are their coaches Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, John Legend, and Blake Shelton, joined by Mega Mentor Ed Sheeran. The multi-platinum performer lent his musical expertise to the competitors ahead of the release of his forthcoming studio album =.

Below, we’re rounding up all of the exciting moments from the night. See who is sticking around and who didn’t make it past the Knockouts.

Wendy Moten performs Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way” & Jonathan Mouton sings Johnny Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now”

Team Blake’s singers got right down to business during rehearsal as they came into the meeting with their coach and Mega Mentor Ed Sheeran and prepared for the stage. While Wendy needed no advice, Ed and Blake did suggest that Jonathan switch up his runs for the Knockouts. Ultimately, when it was time to pick a winner after their official performances, Blake picked Wendy, leaving Jonathan to head home.

Katie Rae performs Lauren Daigle’s “Hold On to Me” & Raquel Trinidad sings The Zutons’ “Valerie”

Team Ariana’s competitors were both eager to take in the advice of their coach and Mega Mentor as Ed suggested Katie tap into the emotions she was feeling while singing. Meanwhile, Raquel was her regularly bubbly self during rehearsals and the main performance, leading her to become the Knockout winner against Katie. Thankfully, it wasn’t the end of the line for Katie, as Kelly used her only steal for the round on her.

Gymani performs Zayn’s “Pillowtalk” & Kinsey Rose sings Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine”

There were certainly some strong reactions from the performers upon meeting this season’s Mega Mentor, but Gymani’s was definitely a standout as she was rendered speechless. When she was able to speak though, she blew both Kelly and Ed away, as did Kinsey Rose. But it must have been that extra rasp that Ed asked Gymani to add to her vocals that made her the Knockout winner against Kinsey, who was sent packing.

Joshua Vacanti performs Harry Styles’ “Falling” & Sabrina Dias sings Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph”

Team Legend’s Sabrina had a surreal moment when she got to rehearse her Knockout song with the original singer himself, getting to share a few lines with Ed on the tune “Photograph” during practice. Meanwhile, the Mega Mentor was blown away by her “ballady” take on the hit. And when it came to Josh, John and Ed advised that he should not overcomplicate the performance he was gearing up for, and the direction paid off as Josh came out of the Knockout on top. Sadly, this meant it was the end of the line for Sabrina.

Libianca performs Billie Eilish’s “everything i wanted” & Hailey Green sings Blake Shelton’s “God’s Country”

Team Blake’s Libianca was just as speechless as Gymani when she met Ed, but she and Hailey were able to pull it together, mostly, for the rehearsal. When it came to Hailey’s performance, Ed and Blake suggested that she focus less on the guitar and more on her vocals. As for Libianaca, she became emotional during practice due to the triggering nature of her Billie Eilish tune. After some comforting words, she was able to take to the stage for the official Knockout and came out as the winner against Hailey, who wound up going home.

Girl Named Tom performs Glen Campbell’s “Wichita Lineman” & Holly Forbes sings Carpenters’ “Superstar”

Team Kelly’s Girl Named Tom and Holly Forbes wowed their coach and Mega Mentor during rehearsals, and while there were some concerns about runs and harmonies, the competitors brought their A-game for the Knockouts. Ultimately, Girl Named Tom was selected as the winner, but both Ariana and John tried to steal Holly, who picked Team Ariana for the next round of the competition.

Who else will move on? Tune in for Night 2 of the Knockouts this Tuesday.

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