Amanda Schull on Why ‘One Summer’ Is Different From Other Hallmark Movies (VIDEO)

As we gear up for an onslaught of bright and cheery holiday films on the Hallmark Channel, new movie One Summer is a reminder that the network also knows how to pull at heartstrings with real emotion.

The latest Hallmark Movies & Mysteries offering, adapted from David Baldacci’s novel of the same name, will have you reaching for your tissues more than once (and that’s not a bad thing!). In the film, we meet grieving widower Jack Armstrong (Sam Page), who we find out miraculously survived a serious illness only to have the love of his life, Lizzie (Amanda Schull), unexpectedly pass away.  With their two kids in tow, Jack returns to Lizzie’s hometown to hopefully heal the past and look forward to the future.

Schull tells TV Insider’s Jim Halterman that One Summer is “not what you’d expect from a Hallmark movie.” For one thing, Jack is at the center of the narrative, and Hallmark is known for focusing its films on a female protagonist. Also, prepare yourselves as “we start out pretty dark,” the Suits alum teases. Not to mention, [mild spoiler alert] the Lizzie we see in the movie is no longer alive. She appears both in flashbacks and in the present to Jack — and only Jack.

Also starring in the tearjerker is Grey’s Anatomy alum Sarah Drew as local Jenna, who has a nice connection with Jack. Who knows, could she help him recover from his broken heart and find love again? Tune in to find out, and watch the full interview with Schull above.

One Summer, Movie Premiere, Sunday, October 3, 9/8c, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries