‘Squid Game’: Why Everyone’s Obsessed With the Netflix Series

Squid Game Netflix

Red Light, Green Light has never been so deadly, but that’s half of the draw when it comes to Netflix’s new South Korean drama series Squid Game.

Debuting September 17 on the platform, the 9-episode show has become a big hit among streamers and is currently ranked as the number one title in the United States. The obsession-inducing program tells the story of people who are in dire need of money.

Squid Game Netflix

(Credit: Netflix)

Receiving mysterious invitations, they’re given the opportunity to join a game that promises riches like no other. Ultimately, 456 competitors agree to partake, joining from all different walks of life, they’re locked into a secret location where they’ll play games to win the 45.6 billion Won prize (the equivalent of millions of U.S. dollars).

Each game the competitors take on is traditional from their childhood in Korea, including the aforementioned Red Light, Green Light. So, what’s so interesting about this child’s play? There’s a catch to every game because anyone that steps out of place will lose not only the game but their lives.

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Death is the consequence, raising the life and death stakes of the competition. But who will win and why is this happening in the first place? These are the questions driving this intriguing new series. In case it’s hard to picture such a premise, check out the trailer, below, for a peek at what is driving the current streaming favorite.

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