‘Growing Up Chrisley’ Finale Sneak Peek: Chase Has a Major Problem for Christmas (VIDEO)

Chase is stuck between a rock and a hard place as he tries to make plans for Christmas that make both his family and his girlfriend Emmy happy in the Growing Up Chrisley Season 3 finale. TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek at his conundrum.

Both Chase and Emmy love Christmas — “It’s my favorite time of the year,” he says — which is a good thing considering the matching sweaters he got them. (They light up!) They can wear them on Christmas Day, he says, and while she says “that sounds fun,” there’s a “but”: She’s thinking about going home to Georgia for the holiday.

“But we already talked about you being here for Christmas,” he reminds her. She knows, but she misses her family after seeing him with his. While he gets that she’d want to spend time with them during the holidays, he is “bummed” since he’d wanted to be with her.

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The good news is Emmy has a solution to that: “I was thinking: My family does this big holiday dinner before Christmas. My brothers love you. My mom and dad are dying to get to know you.” Why doesn’t he join her and her family? There is a problem: the date of that dinner.

“Sounds like a personal problem,” Savannah tells her brother. Watch the clip above to find out what exactly the problem is and how Chase plans to solve it.

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