‘A Million Little Things’ Says Goodbye to [Spoiler] for Now — Who’s Recurring in Season 4?

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the A Million Little Things Season 4 premiere “Family First.”]

If you thought the friend group’s farewell party for one of its members felt a little final and very much like a goodbye for a cast member, you’re partially right.

TV Insider has confirmed that Stephanie Szostak, who plays Delilah, will be recurring in A Million Little Things Season 4. (She was a series regular for its first three seasons.)

In the premiere, Delilah decides to return to France as soon as possible after learning her father had a stroke. And her daughter Sophie (Lizzy Greene) understands that’s where she needs to be, even though she’s not going with her. She’d rather remember her grandfather as he was when she last saw him. But she does have a goodbye present for her mom: a party with the friend group. Over the course of the night, Delilah gets to share moments with pretty much everyone.

“The reason I called [the [premiere] ‘Family First’ is because I wanted to sort of give Stephanie that hug and acknowledgment that she needs to put her family first right now. And we love her and we support that,” showrunner DJ Nash tells TV Insider. “With the pandemic and from the beginning, she’s been away from her family whenever we shoot, because they live in Connecticut and we shoot in Vancouver. It’s been really, really hard, and I think she felt like, ‘I need to be back home more.'”

Lizzy Greene, Stephanie Szostak, Chance Hurstfield in A Million Little Things

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But it just isn’t possible for Delilah to simply be offscreen. “We talked about creatively how I would make that possible. This is a friend group that if one person skins their knee, they all go to the hospital,” he continues. “So if Delilah’s in Boston and doesn’t show up for Maggie’s birthday party or doesn’t show up for an opening of a restaurant or something like that, it feels like she’s slighting the friend group, which is not what we want to do. So by putting her in France, we have the ability to have Delilah be back for the big moments and be back for stories when it works for Stephanie’s schedule.”

And Szostak will be back this season. “It’s not the last we’re going to see of Delilah,” Nash promises. “But certainly we won’t see her like we saw her in the first two seasons.” So yes, there’s the possibility of video-chatting as well as in-person appearances. “She’s going to come visit. She’s got to sell the house. There are things that are happening, so she’ll be back.”

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