‘Ted Lasso’: Coach Beard Shares Wisdom With Pub Pals in a Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Ted Lasso the show might be named after Jason Sudeikis‘s optimistic coach, but another one is taking center stage in the latest episode, “Beard After Hours.”

Emmy-nominee Brendan Hunt gives viewers a better look at his eccentric Coach Beard who is in a sore spot following A.F.C. Richmond’s semifinal loss at Wembley in the previous installment. Preparing to drown his sorrows over the loss, Beard takes a seat at his and Ted’s local haunt, The Crown & Anchor in an exclusive sneak peek clip, above.

Ted Lasso Season 2 Brendan Hunt

(Credit: Apple TV+)

After having seemingly grabbed a pint from Mae (Annette Badland) at the bar, Beard is approached by the pub’s trio of regulars Jeremy (Bronson Webb), Baz (Adam Colborne), and Paul (Kevin “KG” Garry) who show concern for the coach. “Dropped your keys,” Jeremy says, holding them up to Beard before Baz notes how poorly the Wembley match went.

“We thought you needed a hug,” Paul adds, offering a supporting gesture to a down-in-the-dumps Beard. When the other men give Paul a disapproving look, he goes on to correct the statement, saying, “I thought you needed a hug.”

Instead of wanting to talk about the game though, Beard offers an alternative. “We can talk and drink, as long as we talk about anything but the game,” he says. Eager to pick the coach’s brain, Jeremy, Baz, and Paul sit down for a dose of Beard’s wisdom.

See how the conversation pans out in the exclusive clip, above, and don’t miss Coach Beard’s all-night odyssey through London when the episode “Beard After Hours” streams on Apple TV+.

Ted Lasso, Season 2, “Beard After Hours,” Premieres Friday, September 17, Apple TV+