‘Chicago Fire’: Taylor Kinney & David Eigenberg on ‘Really Exciting’ Season 10 (VIDEO)

The One Chicago shows — Chicago Med, Fire and P.D. — come roaring back starting Wednesday, September 22 for new seasons and one of the hottest is Chicago Fire, which kicks off Season 10 and has a few cliffhangers from last season to take care of.

First up, the last we saw Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney), he and some of his co-workers were trapped in a sinking boat with seemingly no way out. After confirming he is back for the new season (hence his doing interviews!), Kinney told TV Insider that that storyline will definitely resolve that cliffhanger. “We pick up where we left off and for people who are die-hard Chi-fi fans, it’s really exciting,” he says. He also added that with his relationship with Lt. Stella Kid (Miranda Rae Mayo), Severide is “a happy camper right now” which is a little new since the character’s personal life has been a “roller coaster ride” for the bulk of the series. The big question is…will it continue?

For David Eisenberg‘s Lieutenant Christopher Hermann, there may be some shaking up at Firehouse 51 since the beloved Chief Battalion Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) may be taking a promotion that would see him leave the base for another home. “We’re all getting up there in age and then opportunity comes by and he leaves me,” the actor jokes. “This is a show full of heartbreakers!”

And, clearly having some fun during the interview, Kinney jokingly says the biggest plot twist to come is that Severide has actually been pining for Hermann this entire time. “Some spoilers are just fun,” Kinney laughed. Watch the whole interview above with a trailer for the trio of popular One Chicago dramas.

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