‘Documentary Now!’ Takes on ‘The Kid Stays in the Picture’ in Season Finale (VIDEO)

Documentary Now!
Rhys Thomas/IFC
Bill Hader - Mr. Runner-Up

Documentary Now! is going big for its next episode, featuring an aging Hollywood big-wig producer and his lengthy career, very much in the style of the 2002 Robert Evans documentary The Kid Stays in the Picture.

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The two-part season finale, called “Mr. Runner-Up: My Life as an Oscar Bridesmaid,” documents the career of producer Jerry Wallach (Bill Hader), who has been trying to win an Oscar for four decades. In the exclusive clip below, Wallach discusses one of his (fake) films, She Cried for Justice, and shows a scene starring Wallach’s acting muse, Enzo Entolini (Fred Armisen). It’s a film about war crimes and a love between a Jewish refugee and former Nazi gestapo.

For a look at what the episode will have in store, below are a few of the posters for the fake films that will be discussed in “Mr. Runner-Up.”

Documentary Now!

Movie Posters from “Mr. Runner-Up”

Just for reference, here’s a trailer for The Kid Stays in the Picture:

The IFC series will rerun a previous second-season episode, “The Bunker,” against Wednesday night’s third presidential debate. The show will return for the “Mr. Runner-Up” episode on Wednesday, October 26 with part one at 10/9c and part two at 10:30/9:30c.

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