‘Naked and Afraid’ Fans Spot Production Gaffe in Latest Episode

Naked and Afraid

Eagle-eyed viewers watching Naked and Afraid on Sunday August 8, spotted something surprising in the background of one particular shot. No, not a wild animal, but a fully-clothed human being.

The background interloper was presumably a member of the production crew that accidentally walked into frame. He was noticed as contestants Lynsey and Darvil began their 21 days of survival in the African wilderness. The clothed figure appeared behind some bushes in the distance and looked to be carrying some sort of rifle.

It’s likely the person was providing security for the contestants and crew, given that there are dangerous animals in the area. But some fans on Twitter weren’t so understanding as they were quick to point out the gaffe.

“Anyone else see the clothed guy with the rifle standing on the opposite bank of the river while Darvil was trying to cross?” tweeted one viewer. “You have to tell Security to stay out the shot. And all these people act scared to death on the show. Why when they have somebody with a rifle?” wrote another.

Others, however, understood the need for protection, with one fan writing, “That certainly doesn’t guarantee safety, but should help the players get some sleep and/or peace of mind. I can’t believe anyone would believe folks are put out there with NO protection.”

Production errors are always a hit on social media, especially when it involves something out of place. Viewers went crazy during the final season of Game of Thrones when a Starbucks coffee cup and a plastic water bottle were spotted on set. And, more recently, a crew member in jeans and a t-shirt (affectionately nicknamed “Jeans Guy”) was eyeballed in the background of The Mandalorian.

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